Bill Maier Trans Am

Bill Maier of Maier Racing competing in a 1982 SCCA Trans Am Race at Laguna Seca in his Ford Mustang. Bill had an "off" at Turn 1 just after cresting the hill.

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The Trans Am Series - Lime Rock Park 2015
The 3-Dimensional Services Muscle Car Challenge, featuring the TA2 Class, Round 4 of the 2015 Trans Am Championship and Round 1 of the 3-Dimensional Services Triple Shot Showdown

Maier Racing Mustang: More grip than a GT3? - /BIG MUSCLE
Owner: • Mike Maier If you've ever driven a bone-stock mid-1960's Ford Mustang, then you know that these little cars make wonderful cruisers. They possess movie-star good looks and turn heads everywhere. Drive them hard though and you'll soon realize that what lies beneath that sheet metal is usually in need of some serious improvement . Mike Maier of Maier Racing is the owner of this stunning blue 1966 coupe, a car that was supposed to have been bought as a play toy for him and his wife. However when you grow up in a racing family, leaving things alone is generally not an option. Little by little the Mustang evolved away from the family hot-rod and into a test bed for new parts. More importantly than that though, it's now one of the baddest street 'Stangs on the planet. Most people will tell you that "Bigger is always better"... one drive in the Maier Racing '66 coupe however may make you rethink that statement entirely.

Trans am Crash Sebring 2013 race Geoff Fane Camaro 99
Start of the first race of the Year for Trans am TA2 Geoff Fane Camaro 99 . The end of a bad weekend .

Maier Mustang vs Mitsubishi Evo - Run to the Coast 2012 Drag Slalom
The Maier Mustang faces off against a Mitsubishi Evo at the drag slalom. This was at the 2012 Run to the Coast event put on by the American Street Car Series. These two cars faced off a couple of times in a row and it was very close each time. In this race, the Mustang just barely beats the Evo (which was usually the result from what I remember.) The Maier Mustang would go on to win the drag slalom shootout overall the next day.