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Peugeot 106 Engine Service
Servicing a 2002 Peugeot 106 1.1 Independence with a TU1JP Injected engine. The car is one i am repairing as it was bought damaged, it has 43,000 miles and although there is an entry in the service history book at 15 and 30,000 miles the last service was in 2007 so the car has done very little since then it needed a service. The things done in this video are: - Engine oil flushed, then then drained, with a new oil filter fitted - Gearbox oil filled after the oil had drained out when the drivehshaft was removed - Air filter replaced - Spark plugs replaced with NGK spark plugs the same as the ones which were removed - Fuel filter replaced I also did the pollen filter, but thats a tricky job and not worth the effort, i will make a video separately about the pollen filter. Apart from the pollen filter the 106 is an easy car to service, parts are cheap and it seems to be a bit livelier after getting the old oil flushed out. The timing belt will also be changed soon, its getting close to the mileage for a timing belt and the car is still on its original belt which is 10 years old.

Peugeot 106 Sport 1.1l 59 Ps Acceleration 0-170
Beschleunigung 0-170 Km/h

1993 Old Top Gear - Supermini Comparison
Jeremy Clarkson and Michelle Newman compare 10 small hatchbacks to find the best to buy. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE BBC.

Ford Fiesta "eagle" Vs Peugeot Rallye 106 Roll race
1st gear 45km/h roll race for 400m Ford fiesta Ja8 turbo stock motor aprox 180ps - 1100 kgs w/o driver Peugeot Rallye aprox 130+ps - 880 kgs w/o driver **Please select HD** For the un-edited in car video please check this link: Fiesta was almost a car ahead at the finish line date and time settings are wrong ....