Lexus IS F Racing Concept

Racing concept model of Lexus IS F. Being 300kg lighter than the original vehicle, Toyota says this car is ready for endurance race in Nurburgring. [Spec] Car Name: LEXUS IS F CCS-R (Circuit Club Sport Racer) Base Vehicle: Lexus IS F Weight: less than 1,400kg (-300kg from original) Engine: 2UR-GSE Engine Displacement: 5L (4.968L) Max horsepower: 311kW(423PS)/6,600/rpm Max Torque: 505N・m(51.5kgf・m)/5,200rpm Dimention: 4,760mm×1,815mm×1,385mm Wheelbase: 2,730mm [Website]

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Crystal Mercedes SL600
A kind of car I will never park on streets! [Specs] Car Name: D.A.D Luxury Crystal Benz Produced by Cactus Corporation Base Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz SL600 Number of Crystals Used: 300,000 Production Cost: 40,000,000yen (=482,000USD) Production Period: 3 month Color of Crystal: Golden Shadow, Crystal, Jet Hematite Wheels: Zuenglein DR301 Jewel - Front 9.5J+24 x 20 - Rear 11J+35 x 20 [Website] Garson:

Screen RX-7 Time Attack Car [2013]
Photos: [Car Info] - Shop Name: Screen - Team Name: Screen with Team D2 Japan - Car Name: Screen GT35 - Max horsepower: 443ps/6,840rpm *2012 spec - Max Torque: 51.1kg/5,562rpm - Rev Limit: 8,500rpm - Max Boost: 1.2kg - Weight: 1,050kg - Transmission: Hewland Engineering Sequential 6MT - Bodykit: R-Magic - Hood: RE Amemiya - Rear Diffuser: RE Amemiya - Brake Caliper: Front D2japan 4POT / Rear 4POT - Brake Rotor: 356mm Floating Rotor - Final Gear Ratio: 3.9 [Time Attack Record] - Fuji Speedway: 1'44.2 (Jan. 2011) [Official Website] *in Japanese -

- The Art of Engine Warm Up - Warming up the engine is not something any team crew could do. Because it's not only about warming up, but it's also a procedure to check the condition of the engine before the car goes on to the race track. Usually, the warm up process is performed by a specific mechanic through out the season. This mechanic is likely to be an engine mechanic who knows everything about the engine, and he has his own way of testing it using his own eyes, ears, and even nose. Open the throttle in various speed (quick/slow), try that at different rev levels, maintain that rev point, and listen what each of them sound like. He will also check around the engine room to observe any leak of oil, and sometimes even check the smell to see if the gas is burned properly. Through out this process, the mechanic will compare the data and his "sense" with his experience from the past to diagnose the condition. That is why, not any team crew could perform this task. This video is only a minute long, but the actual warm up takes 5 to 10 minutes depending on the climate (in cold weather they need more time). They would usually do this half an hour before the car gets on the track, because if it's earlier than this the engine will become cold, and if it's later, they won't have time to deal with any problems found. [Official Website] Lexus Team SARD:

Life in Tokyo After Earthquake
This is not a car video, sorry if you were expecting. - But I wanted to tell everyone watching my channel that I am safe in Tokyo, Japan. Thanks to everyone who sent me messages of encouragement! Since after the earthquake, although there has been some new things I need to worry about in my daily life, such as the reliability and punctuality of transportation methods (especially trains) deriving to an electric shortage caused by the damages to the nuclear power plant, there isn't a huge difference from before - everything has just become a bit inconvenient, at a level I can bear. I not only read/watch what the media in Japan says, but also some of the prestigious media abroad everyday. And from what I read on media abroad, I feel their broadcast on situation of Tokyo is not always real... most of the time it is exaggerating. So I had filmed what the city looks like, and how people are reacting as of today, Thursday March 17, 2011. The news of the day was that, the demand of electricity was expected to go over the supply level, so the electricity company had alerted that a huge blackout might occur in the evening. So everyone started to do what they could do to save electricity - Offices and stores turned off every electric advertisement signs, close their store earlier so they can turn off all of the electricity-consuming facilities and products. Number of trains were reduced to approximately half of the regular basis. Of course these acts caused a small confusion as you can see in the video.... but it's nothing serious. It only requires understanding and patience.