98 maxima racing video

this is my 98 nissan maxima video drag racing autocross and burnout

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Nissan Maxima 10.85 @ 125mph Worlds Fastest
Worlds Fastest nissan maxima driven by Jime. 10.85 @ 125mph with Nitrous. The civic in the close lane red lighted big time, he was not that fast. The original video was deleted due to the music used in the video by YouTube. This one is all my own, so it will stay put.

Move bitch! Nissan Maxima 98' racing on the freeway.
Speeding on Belt Parkway, dodging traffic and listening to "Move Bitch" by Ludacris. In the video, it may not look like I was driving that crazy but if you were there.. you'd see it's scarier and crazier then it looks. Fastest I went in this video was 120 MPH

My 98 maxima
Needs a slam

SFR Nissan Maxima turbo system
This is a Speed Force Racing turbocharged Nissan Maxima with a six speed manual transmission.It is a bolt-on turbo kit for the VQ35 engine that generates almost 400WHP and 400+ ft/lbs of torque