honda vs mustang

racing at the track

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Civic vs Mustang GT
K24a2 EM2 Civic I/H/E/Kpro vs 02 Mustang GT I/H/E Plenum/TB & Diablo tuner. Made 220/175 @ 5600' elevation SQC Tuning FTW. ;) This guy is one of my good friends and we set this race up after my tune. He beat me before my tune very easily. The look on his face is priceless, because he expected to beat me again.

Honda TRX450r vs. Ford Mustang Race
Honda TRX 450r vs. Ford Mustang Race. Honda built by Oregon Coast Powersports in Winchester Bay, Oregon.

V8 killer vs mustang
V8 killer vs Mustang

Supra vs Turbo Honda vs Mustang Cobra vs 9 sec Camaro
Purchase the most entertaining racing DVDs, digital downloads, T shirts and other top-notch products at the new: Two Mustangs, one Supra, one Civic and one Jetta take a late night trip to Jaxsonville looking for some street racing action. Unable to find any outsiders they line up repeatedly racing each other. Finally at the end a 9 second Camaro shows ups but breaks his differential racing against our Mustang Cobra.