Don't Drive 100 miles per hour on a Kansas Highway

Driving over 100 miles per hour on an Interstate in Kansas feels good in a VW R32. You almost don't notice you're going that fast. Especially when you are making fun of the Dog Whisperer. Then, the fun almost ends when a silly Kansas Highway Patrol Officer pulls you over. Smile, you're on candid camera Mr. Policeman.

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Kansas Highway Patrol seeks new fund for recruitment and retention
TOPEKA (KSNT) – For months KSNT News has been telling you about a statewide shortage of Highway Patrol Troopers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- I'm a Multimedia Journalist with a natural curiosity about the world around me, and a passion for crafting compelling stories about issues that affect real people on a daily basis. I've immensely enjoyed all my endeavors in the Television Industry and cannot wait to see what awaits me in this next chapter of my life. To see more of my work visit my portfolio website,

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Indiana State Police pair up with a school bus driver in Bloomington, Indiana on her after-school route to snag drivers blowing past the bus stop arm. The stop arm warns drivers that the bus is stopping and children exiting. An officer on the school bus dispatched violators to officers waiting nearby. One of the violators — a school bus driver. was along for the ride.

Trucker Versus Virginia State Police
UPDATE 4/4/12 : Just so everyone can rest a little easier, i removed the K-40 System that resulted in this traffic stop. So in reality, i have not divulged any information or given away my secrets. Watch as a daringly witty Car-Hauler out smarts Virginia State Police ! Make sure your volume is turned up to hear all the action !