Tina Turner Converse All Star Commercial

comercial que foi exibido no final da década de 80, quando a cantora veio ao Brasil.

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Comercial antigo "Infidelidade" All Star - 1989
Comercial dos tênis All Star veiculado na TV em 1989.

ARL (NRL) Rugby League Tina Turner Commercial - Australia 1995
Tina Turner in the final year of her involvement in Australian Rugby League (ARL) promotion. This was also the year before the Super League vs ARL battle nearly killed rugby league in Australia. Also notable is that despite tobacco advertising on Australian TV being banned decades earlier, tobacco companies still managed to advertise through sport, such as the Winfield here with the Winfield Cup.

commercial in Brazil Tina Turner

Tina Turner All Star
Filme clássico criado pela agência Agnelo Pacheco para o cliente All Star com a cantora Tina Turner.