My boy laughing in the Porsche on the way to school..

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Father and Son Hilarious Car Drifting
New video! Part 3: ____________________________________________________________________ Part 2! One year later: ___________________________________________________________ Эмоции моего трехлетнего сына во время тренировки по джимхане. Спасибо Игорю за ГоуПро и моим друзьям из за правильное кресло! Emotions my three year old son during a gymkhana training. Subaru Legacy B4 (BE5) + 5-manual + visco LSD + VF37 turbo + tuned up to 376 HP and 500 N/m torque The action takes place on a special secure closed track, with no other cars ;) Airbag is deactivated. From the outside my race looks like this: Действие происходит на специальной закрытой площадке, где нет других машин и на безопасной скорости. Не пытайтесь повторить подобное, не имея специальной подготовки и соответствующего опыта. Пассажирская подушка безопасности была отключена. To use this video in a commercial player or Broadcast, please contact

Lamborghini school run
My son going to school in my Lamborghini Gallardo, we asked him what car he wanted to go in and all he said was yellow car...

My Mom in the BMW E46 M3

E92 M3 Launch Control (0-60 mph) with Teagan in the back...
I was out for a drive with Teagan Paige one day when I decided to try launch control for the first time. The results we rather impressive for the both of us.