Brian's 1994 Audi UrS4 First Start

Fully built engine, JE Pistons, Precision GT35R, etc...first start up after head gasket mix-up

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Brian's 1994 Audi S4 GT35R - Engine Break In
Breaking in new motor on 1994 Audi S4, Precision 6235R turbo and built everything!

1994 Audi S4 GT35R Dyno Run on Pump 91 Octane 488whp
Modifications: - AAN bottom end (2.3L displacement) - Scat Connecting Rods (144mm) - JE 8.5:1-compression pistons (82.5mm) - VEMs Stand Alone Engine Management System - Stock metal head gasket, bored to 82.5mm - ARP main and head studs - Audi 7A oil pan (jet hot coated) - larger oil holding capacity - *New AAN oil pump (OEM Audi) - 034 Motorsports Coated Main Bearings - 034 Motorsports Coated Rod Bearings - 034 Motorsports lightweight lifters - 034 Motorsports Port/Polish on cylinder head (240/160 cfm) - 034 Titanium Valve Spring Retainers - 7A intake and Exhaust camshafts - 7A valve cover (powder coated white) - Apikol High Flow Intake Manifold (powder coated red) - 034 Motorsports High Rate Valve Spring Set - 034 Motorsports .5mm oversize intake and Exhaust valves - Custom Lovefab tubular header (T4 outlet) - Precision 6235R with Billet compressor wheel (.68 A/R) - 034 Motorsports/Garrett Extra Large Intercooler w/ custom Apikol pipes - Tial 44mm wastegate (silver) - 034 Motorsports 850cc high impedance injectors - Bosch 044 Fuel Pump (relayed) - Earl's -8AN Speed Flex fuel lines - 034 Motorsports 60mm Fuel Pump Bracket - 034 Motorsports 20V Fuel Rail - 034 Motorsports Density Line Motor Mounts - 034 Motorsports Density Line Transmission Mounts - Apikol Snub Mount - Apikol 3" custom downpipe (heat shield wrapped) - 2Bennett 25 row oil cooler w/ducting - *New AAN Timing belt covers (OEM Audi) - *New Serp. Belt Tensioner (OEM Audi) - 034 Motorsports 3" turbo-Back Exhaust (single muffler) - 034 Motorsports High Output Coil Kit - 034 Motorsports Phenolic Intake Spacer - HKS 4" shallow air filter - 034 Motorsports turbo Heat Shield - 034 Motorsports V-banded catch can - Aeroquip push-on catch can hose - Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (0-100 psi) - Tial 50mm Blow-off valve (silver) - 10 gallon Fuel Cell mounted in trunk (w/vent line)

Audi S4 20v Turbo acceleration test
Audi S4 with Garrett GT 37 turbo, 465cc injectors 3.5 "Downpipe. Drove 70-220 in 13.6 sec, however, missed second gear. Tested the car on the highway with snow tires. It is good if you consider that the car weighs 1800kg and with two 100kg guys.

Blown aan urs4 Audi engine