Brian's 1994 Audi UrS4 First Start

Fully built engine, JE Pistons, Precision GT35R, etc...first start up after head gasket mix-up

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Brian's 1994 Audi S4 GT35R - Engine Break In
Breaking in new motor on 1994 Audi S4, Precision 6235R turbo and built everything!

Brian's 1994 Audi UrS4 GT35R - Cold Start
Cold start-up on VEMs. Fully built motor with GT35R turbo. Fuel cell in trunk and 044 fuel pump (hear the prime) outside tank with -8AN lines

1994 Audi S4 GT35R Dyno Run on Pump 91 Octane 488whp
Modifications: - AAN bottom end (2.3L displacement) - Scat Connecting Rods (144mm) - JE 8.5:1-compression pistons (82.5mm) - VEMs Stand Alone Engine Management System - Stock metal head gasket, bored to 82.5mm - ARP main and head studs - Audi 7A oil pan (jet hot coated) - larger oil holding capacity - *New AAN oil pump (OEM Audi) - 034 Motorsports Coated Main Bearings - 034 Motorsports Coated Rod Bearings - 034 Motorsports lightweight lifters - 034 Motorsports Port/Polish on cylinder head (240/160 cfm) - 034 Titanium Valve Spring Retainers - 7A intake and Exhaust camshafts - 7A valve cover (powder coated white) - Apikol High Flow Intake Manifold (powder coated red) - 034 Motorsports High Rate Valve Spring Set - 034 Motorsports .5mm oversize intake and Exhaust valves - Custom Lovefab tubular header (T4 outlet) - Precision 6235R with Billet compressor wheel (.68 A/R) - 034 Motorsports/Garrett Extra Large Intercooler w/ custom Apikol pipes - Tial 44mm wastegate (silver) - 034 Motorsports 850cc high impedance injectors - Bosch 044 Fuel Pump (relayed) - Earl's -8AN Speed Flex fuel lines - 034 Motorsports 60mm Fuel Pump Bracket - 034 Motorsports 20V Fuel Rail - 034 Motorsports Density Line Motor Mounts - 034 Motorsports Density Line Transmission Mounts - Apikol Snub Mount - Apikol 3" custom downpipe (heat shield wrapped) - 2Bennett 25 row oil cooler w/ducting - *New AAN Timing belt covers (OEM Audi) - *New Serp. Belt Tensioner (OEM Audi) - 034 Motorsports 3" turbo-Back Exhaust (single muffler) - 034 Motorsports High Output Coil Kit - 034 Motorsports Phenolic Intake Spacer - HKS 4" shallow air filter - 034 Motorsports turbo Heat Shield - 034 Motorsports V-banded catch can - Aeroquip push-on catch can hose - Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (0-100 psi) - Tial 50mm Blow-off valve (silver) - 10 gallon Fuel Cell mounted in trunk (w/vent line)

500 hp Audi S4 quattro vs 12"+ of fresh snow! Unstoppable...
Last night we enjoyed a great winter storm, well over 12" (30 cm) at my house. I wanted to see if my lowered Audi S4 on Dunlop Wintersport 4D snow tires was up to the task going through such deep snow. A guest appearance is made by my 6 hp Subaru powered Ariens Snowblower (mostly unstoppable).