Brian's 1994 Audi UrS4 First Start

Fully built engine, JE Pistons, Precision GT35R, etc...first start up after head gasket mix-up

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260mph, 1000whp Audi UrS4 Bonneville Race Car, Four Ring Performance, World's Fastest Sedan
Jeff Gerner gives us a behind the scenes look at the Four Ring Performance Engineering shop and the land speed record-holding 1993 Audi UrS4 race car. Full tech article:

Audi UrS4 2.2 dyno pull 612hp
Audi UrS4 2.2 20vt on Dyno. Pulled 612hp/617Nm (533whp) with a Holset HX40 Super turbo, E85 fuel and modified stock Motronic. Mapping isn't ready yet. Boost is only spring controlled and ignition timings are for 98oct gasoline. There is propably some potential left inside there. Two Dyno graphs, higher max output is with 7A cams clocked to factory spec, and the lower output is with the same cams advanced by 2 degrees.

Brian's 1994 Audi S4 GT35R - Engine Break In
Breaking in new motor on 1994 Audi S4, Precision 6235R turbo and built everything!

Audi S4 20v Turbo acceleration test
Audi S4 with Garrett GT 37 turbo, 465cc injectors 3.5 "Downpipe. Drove 70-220 in 13.6 sec, however, missed second gear. Tested the car on the highway with snow tires. It is good if you consider that the car weighs 1800kg and with two 100kg guys.