import vs domestic 2010 Chris Miller got iced!

chris Miller got iced by MIR track official and the race had to be rerun

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World Cup Finals 2015: Chris Miller Racing
Chris Miller is a staple in this community. He holds nothing back and pushes harder than most because he is just that much more passionate. This is the farthest thing from a hobby to him. He creates the paste! Halfway through this season he linked up with the TAE team from Florida. The first event out (Hday Zmax) Chris took the turbo Car to the finals.... like a snap of the fingers! You couldn't help but be impressed. He has dialed this car in over the last few events, then he tore it all back down and overhauled the entire car- We are talking just about everything from wrap to painting the bay, some safety items, whole new ECU and wiring- FFE Ed created a whole new inter-cooler, rad, piping etc. - Car was already flying down track running 8 and a half second passes, that is Miller though, he knows it can go faster and he will make it go faster. The only K series Powered car in the top 10 Super Street qualifying order and only K series car to go below a 8.5 pass at WCF- He set the new K series turbo Record when he ran a 8.296 at 181.89mph in Elimination rounds! First round he clicked off a .004 reaction time too! This is just the beginning... Chris has big plans for himself and the TAE team going into the 2016 season. Chris Miller Racing​ - FFE Racing​ - TAE Used Auto Parts​ - FTW Racing Fuels​ - ATWTTB - #StaySaucey

Chris Miller NRG Tech 8.49 @182 at Imports vs Domestics 2010 HD
NRG Tech with another 180+ pass at Imports vs Domestics at Maryland International Raceway Video Press Release - NRGTECH Racing 2010!!
Here is a video press release from NRGtech Racing which addresses the upcoming 2010 race season! Checkout for more information!! Checkout for more videos!! - NRGTech Racing @ Fall Nationals 2010 Pt. 1!!
Here is the NRGTech Racing team at the 2010 Fall Nationals @ Englishotnwn!! Check back for part 2 on Monday November 15th, 2010!!! Checkout for more videos!!!