import vs domestic 2010 Chris Miller got iced!

chris Miller got iced by MIR track official and the race had to be rerun

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Chris Miller NRG tech World cup finals vs corvette

Chris Miller NRG Tech Civic 8.439 at 181.15
Chris Miller and the NRG Tech Honda Civic put down a stellar pass of 8.439 @ 181.15 MPH at the Englishtown SFWD Shootout in October, 2010.

Chris Miller NRG Tech 8.49 @182 at Imports vs Domestics 2010 HD
NRG Tech with another 180+ pass at Imports vs Domestics at Maryland International Raceway - NRG Tech Racing Outlaw FWD Civic 180 MPH!!!!
Checkout this recent pass by Chris Miller of NRGTech Racing. He was able to set a new record for Outlaw Street FWD cars by running 180 MPH!!! Congrats to him and the entire NRGTech Team!!! Checkout for more information!! Checkout http://www.nyce1s/com/forum for more videos!!!!