mazda mx-6 soundclip magnaflow exhaust

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Mx-6 Magnaflow Dual Exhaust/K&N Intake/magnaflow 14862
1995 Mazda Mx-6 V-6 2.5L/K&N Intake/Magnaflow Muffler

Mazda Mx6 LS turbo Mic in front of radiator.
A short video with the microphone in front of the radiator. I recently blew an Exhaust gasket on the rear primary and have been hesitant to fix that..It can be heard in the video.. Im also Boosting 7psi, with a bit of lag I suppose from that leak. I Didnt go crazy with any of these pulls being the roads I take are often patrolled. In the video you will see I hesitate to shift into 4th, I was already doing over the speed limit and approaching traffic cones but I went for some of 4th anyway ;)

Ammocan Boombox 50 Cal. DIY Build pics and wiring diagram inside
Hey guys, just want to show you the 50 cal ammo can boombox I built. I bought most of my parts on parts express. I couldn't find a wiring diagram online, so after a bunch of research and deciding how I want it wired, I included one in the video for you guys so hope that helps out if you want to build one. This thing is REALLY loud, the video cannot convey that. I will be uploading another video with different songs and stuff. Overall, love the build. Haven't fully tested to see how long it last on the battery. It also accepts a DC jack input at 12 volts. No bluetooth on this one but thats okay Most of the parts: 300-385 1 EA Dayton Audio DTA-2 Class T Digital Audio 060-581 1 EA Switch Cover Carbon Fiber Look 090-317 1 EA 3.5mm Stereo Panel Mount Jack 060-456 2 EA SPST Heavy Duty Toggle Switch - Spade Connectors 060-560 1 EA SPDT Heavy Duty Toggle Switch 060-585 1 EA Switch Cover Transparent Red 090-5012 1 EA 2.1mm Panel Mount DC Jack 240-2210 1 EA Small Aluminum Guitar / Amplifier Knob 0.5" - Black 090-874 2 EA NTE 25-B600-03 3 Pole 25A Panel Mount Barrier Terminal Strip 095-404 1 EA 1/4" (22-18) Nylon Insulated Female Disconnect Crimp Flag Terminal Red 10 Pcs. 095-400 1 EA 1/4" (16-14) Nylon Insulated Female Disconnect Crimp Flag Terminal Blue 10 Pcs. 090-5000 1 EA 2.1mm x 5.5mm x 9.5mm DC Plug 140-368 1 EA Power-Sonic PS-1290 Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 9Ah 240-051 1 EA Parts Express 3.5mm Male to Male Slim-Plug Shielded Audio Cable 1 ft. 060-450 2 EA DPDT Heavy Duty Toggle Switch Center Off - Spade Connectors 365-070 1 EA Grip Tools 37144 Electrical Terminal Assortment 180 Pcs.

GoPro HD Mazda MX6 KL ride home
Take a ride in the MX-6 as my passenger as we take a short cruise. I really like this angle / point of view for the GoPro Hero HD camera, mounted with the suction cup mount on the right rear quarter glass, recording 720P @ 30fps with the skeleton case(open back). Music by Moog from Mighty Car Mods 1- I-Will-Find-You-feat.-ALPHAMAMA 2- See-You-at-the-End 3- Smoke-and-Fire-feat.-Erin-Renee Build Thread: try357622