mazda mx-6 soundclip magnaflow exhaust

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Mx-6 Magnaflow Dual Exhaust/K&N Intake/magnaflow 14862
1995 Mazda Mx-6 V-6 2.5L/K&N Intake/Magnaflow Muffler

Mazda mx-6 Tuning

Mazda MX6 KL stock exhaust no rear muffler sound
Stock Exhaust manifolds with stock Catalytic converter, stock straight through resonator & without a rear muffler. Sounds surprisingly good. Motor is all stock , 2.5L V6 DOHC makes 164HP factory KL-DE. This is an older video of when I had just lowered the car on Tokico struts and Megan Racing springs. Will make an Update Video soon as there has been a few upgrades since the making of this video ;-). .... Stay tuned -Andy (update) Now with Pacesetter headers Part#: 72C1161

mazda mx6 exhaust
reving up my xmas present.