Radial Air Engine

Radial Pneumatic Engine that runs on pressure, vacuum or both. In this simplified design each piston is a logic gate or valve (depending on you point of view) controlling the other piston it is coupled with. Powered with a unique continuous flow bellow system. Made with Scroll Saw Band Saw and Drill press. My Air Engines all use my Piston-Valve design. Plans now available at JEPLANS.COM

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Halo Liney 5 Cylinder Radial Working Live Steam Model Engine
Please visit http://www.ministeam.com to purchase these videos. Halo Liney 5 Cylinder Radial Working Live Steam Model Engine. This engine is available in plan form or as a kit the includes plans and bar stock to machine the fully functional steam engine.

FREE ENERGY Magnet Motor
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Induction Forge - Show and tell
A look at a 15 KW induction forge supplied by Off-Center Products of Washington State