evo ETS exhaust

ETS full 3 inch Exhaust on a 06 evolution mr

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Evo 6 HKS Hi Power Exhaust Sound

ETS Exhaust on Evo IX
Quick idle vid and 2 step of the ETS Catback Exhaust. This has a Buschur downpipe, and a perrin test pipe. Cams are GSC S1's for those who would like to know.

Comparison - Invidia vs ETS (extreme turbo systems) EVO Exhaust Manifold
A quick video of my thoughts on the two manifolds... I replaced the Invidia due to it having lots of cracks where the tubes meet up with the cast flange. The ETS manifold is very quality, looks good and the install fitment was really nice.

Evo 9 ets 3.5 exhaust un tuned
Ok so im fresh off of a rebuild and just tossed this on so the tone will change a bit and i will post up later just tossing this on here for shits and giggles