Finally starting up my 1977 T-Bird again after a whole year!

Hey everyone, I finally got a chance to start up my T-Bird and give it a spin. It has been way too long. Last time I started it was Sept. last year (2010). Starts up again without really any problems, small fuel leak, 40 second fix. lol. Here is the history of my t-bird: My dad bought it for his first car and he stopped driving it in 1989 because of some carb problems. My dad saved the car for me and in 2004 I had the chance to get it running again. To my surprise, after not running for 15 years, I poured gas down the carb and it fired right over!!!!! After I bypassed the gas lines (old gas in them) I had it running like new. Haha, first time I put it in gear it squealed the tires and jumped forward a couple feet!!! I make sure I have the break to the floor before I put it in gear now! Later in 2004 I brought the car in to a mechanic to have the tranny flushed, but because of my lack of car knowledge I found out the hard way that you don't do that to a old car. It now has tranny problems, sometimes it wont stay in gear. Which really sucks because the tranny was working beyond perfect before. It still has the minor carb problems mentioned above too. And so I parked it in the storage shed in the video and it is waiting for me to have the money and time to continue rebuilding it.

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My first computer: Packard Bell Legend 700 Rockin a 33mhz cpu and 8mb of ram and Win 3.11!
I am finally getting my computer room/shop/lab sorted out and I ran across my first computer. I decided to test it out so I plugged it in and IT STILL WORKS! In this video I show you my first computer. First I opened it up to make sure there was nothing out of the ordinary going on in it... Then I start it up into windows 3.11 and load (in my opinion) one of the best games of all time, SimCity 2000. Computer specs: I think it was mfd in 1994 and I got it in 2001 OS: Windows 3.11 GUI running on top of DOS 6.22 CPU: Intel i486 cpu running at 33mhz RAM: 8 mb ram Video: Oak Technology oti077 GPU with 512kb video ram Storage: Conner 420Mb Hard drive (upgraded from the original Seagate 130Mb Hard drive) One 3.5" 1.44mb Floppy drive One 5.25" 1.20mb Floppy Drive One 45x CD-Rom drive

MotorWeek | Retro Review: '02 Ford Thunderbird
Thunderbirds are go! What do you think the average age of a Thunderbird owner is?

Classic Car Cold Start! 1974 Dodge Monaco "Bluesmobile"!
A shoutout to my friend Elton McFall, to whom this video was made for: My Facebook: My deviantART: ---- Out in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, we take a look at a 1974 Dodge Monaco, made to look like the famous Bluemobile from "The Blues Brothers". It is owned my a friend of mine and his work partner, and runs on a power packing 440 cubic inch motor. Enjoy the video! UPDATE: Wow... Thanks for over 1000 views in such a short time. Appreciate it!

1977 Ford Thunderbird #5761 For Sale at Gateway Classic Cars St. Louis
For sale is a 1977 Ford Thunderbird with only 17,071 original miles! 1977 was the first year of the seventh generation of the Thunderbird, which was the most popular generation, selling over 318,000 in '77 alone. This survivor was found with 16,000 miles stored in a garage since 1979. The car has the original 351 Windsor and C4 transmission, as well as black paint and maroon interior. This was a luxurious ride in '77, coming from the factory with A/C, cruise control, power brakes, power steering, vinyl interior, and radial tires. When recovered from the garage the carburetor was rebuilt, fuel tank replaced, as well as shocks, Exhaust, tires and rear wheel cylinders. The fluids have been changed and the A/C has been converted to R-134A. This is a rare opportunity to own a very original, low mile T-Bird. You can view this car in our St. Louis showroom or on Please call 618-271-3000 with any questions. Want to connect with us? Here's how: Website: Facebook: Google+: Pinterest: Twitter: YouTube: Don't forget to subscribe to our channel to see more videos of some of the greatest classic, collectible, and exotic cars the world has to offer.