92 camaro rs [new flowmaster exhaust]

this is my new vid of my 92 rs Camaro ... got full flowmaster Exhaust race catty on a 305 with roller lifters bigger injecters and some porting done ... i love this car i got another vid before it had an Exhaust on it so check it out to

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mickey mouse steamboat willy
same ol mickey jus added as song on top of the original ... matches up purrty good aye ?

91 Camaro rs 305 TBI flowmaster 40 series
my Camaro 1991 RS with a 305 tbi. Its got a 40 series flowmaster muffler and the rest is stock but im taking out the cat soon :-) I KNOW IT SMOKES I ACCIDENTALLY PUT MIXED GAS FROM A LEAFBLOWER IN THERE BECAUSE MY DAD MIXED THE REGULAR GAS WITHOUT TELLING ME and its also on empty and somewhat cold out + raining which adds to the steam. Wondering if anyone else has a huge amount of water pour out like mine does if you watch the far pipe when i rev it. Is my head gasket starting to go? or is it cuz its been sitting? my coolant and oil and temp are all fine its got Fatttt tires 11.5" wide in the back 10.5" in the front KYB AGX gas shocks adjusted to the stiffest right now :-)

1984 camaro z28
this is just a little update of home my cars comin along ... im pullin the motor due to a main bearing is knockin .. so why not pull it and completely rebuild the engine and slap some new heads on mill em.30 and put some dome pistons in there ? lol .. well tell me what you think .. OH and i show the wheels im puttin on .. so yeah .. comment THANKS !

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