1983 SCCA Trans-Am - Road America - Elkhart lake (PARTIAL)

Highlights of the 1983 SCCA Trans-Am 100 race at Elkhart Lake, Road America

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1980 Road America Can-am
First few mins of the SCCA Can-am Challenge at Road America, WI

1984 SCCA Trans-Am Series @ Green Valley Raceway, Texas (Full Race)
SCCA Trans-Am Championship Round 17 Texas Challenge Green Valley Raceway Smithfield, Texas 63 laps on 1.6 mile road course; 100.8 miles October 28, 1984

1983 SCCA Trans-Am - Moroso Raceway (Highlights)
See a young Dave Despain providing the highlights for the 1983 Moroso Raceway SCCA Trans-Am Race - some funny jabs from David Hobbs about it not being a professional race course and later talking about "some actor" being in his way. Wonder who that could be?

Road America 1958
Tom Countryman, who passed away just a couple of months ago, was a filmmaker who is the guy driving in this movie. He told me the story about it more than once. The first time he filmed at RA, he never asked permission to film a race, just strapped his camera on his Speedster (with a mounting apparatus he designed and made himself - that was his business in later years, making movie camera booms and mounts). He was black-flagged after several laps by officials who didn't know what the heck that thing was on his car. It wasn't until the movie was made and they realized it was a great promotional piece for the track that he was once again in their good graces. Tom wrote a story for 356 Registry magazine back in about 1994, describing his adventures as a young army enlisted man in Germany, where he saw a Porsche for the first time. He ended up buying a used coupe with a racing history. Tom brought that 356 back to the USA, and raced Speedsters and Spyders for many years. He was a great guy, well known and respected by Porsche folks in Nord Stern PCA region. Gordon Maltby