Lamborghini Gallardo Terrorizes Tunnel

Facebook: Twitter: (MORE...) Lamborghini Gallardo going through tunnel. Tunnel flyby fly through. LOUD ****************************************************** FOLLOW ME PHOTOS: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ******************************************************

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Lamborghinis blasting through tunnel (Superleggera and Gallardo)
Facebook: Twitter: (MORE...) Lamborghini Gallardo and Gallardo Superleggera flying through the tunnels terrorizing. Lime green Gallardo has straight pipe Exhaust...Superleggera is stock. ****************************************************** FOLLOW ME PHOTOS: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ******************************************************

Supercar TUNNEL Sounds!!! Loud! LP640, SUPERLEGGERA, FORD GT AND MORE!!! Luxury4Play Run!
This was so damn definitely doesn't do any justice. TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP ! Shot on Kanan Road in Malibu, CA. Anyways, SWEET run hosted by GI Motorsports, huge shout out to them. And also thanks to Luxury4Play for coming out to this event. Start point: GI Motorsports, Los Angeles End point: Paradise Cove, Malibu You'll notice that this video is really nice quality compared to my other videos, and it's going to stay like that! Please remember to comment, rate, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE to keep the videos going!!! And thanks for watching!