Lamborghini Gallardo Terrorizes Tunnel

Facebook: Twitter: (MORE...) Lamborghini Gallardo going through tunnel. Tunnel flyby fly through. LOUD ****************************************************** FOLLOW ME PHOTOS: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ******************************************************

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Koenigsegg CCXR in tunnel

Lamborghini Gallardo Sound In Tunnels! Lovely Sounds! - 1080p HD
FB: & I went with an Infiniti G37 Cabrio to a friend with a Lamborghini Gallardo. We decided to terrorize the city, and we did. In this video you see us speeding trough some nice tunnels in Rotterdam. The sound of the Gallardo was soooooo loud! I hope you like it :-) Please leave a comment! :-) - Jorrik Like some other YouTube users I made a personal Facebook page. -

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Lamborghinis blasting through tunnel (Superleggera and Gallardo)
Facebook: Twitter: (MORE...) Lamborghini Gallardo and Gallardo Superleggera flying through the tunnels terrorizing. Lime green Gallardo has straight pipe Exhaust...Superleggera is stock. ****************************************************** FOLLOW ME PHOTOS: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ******************************************************