Dale Earnhardt Jr's 1972 Camaro From Ground Up

Dale Earnhardt Jr's 1972 Camaro From Ground Up

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Camaro Accessories with Dale Earnhardt Jr.
A look at Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s custom '72 Camaro and the Chevrolet Performance and Accessories Camaro portfolio.

70 camaro 572 burning out
Our very own CSR shop car letting loose! Baby she has more to give!!

16 Year Old Girl's 11 Second Camaro!
Alex is one lucky girl, not only does she have an amazing family that has helped her build this beautiful Camaro, she was able to take a whole week off school to race for 6 days straight across the midwest on Drag Week 2013. Not only is her car beautiful, but it's pretty damn quick too! She ran her first 11 second passes on Drag Week this year! Alex's website - http://www.dthotrods.com/alexs_page.html

1978 Camaro Z28
Fully restored Camaro Z28 with LSX 454 GM Crate engine.