The Kinetic Energy Storage

Everyday we waste a precious energy - kinetic energy.So,to save kinetic energy is to save oil.The working functions of the machine is like the F1 of KERS system. The structure is compact and easy to operate.It's more compact and efficient.Conversion efficiency around 99%. Dou you whant know more?

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Magnomatics - Magnetic Gear

The build of the KERS bicycle
mechanical kinetic energy recovery bicycle, flywheel This is a second video for demostrating how the Kers bike was build due to the large volume of questions received. The main video shows how the bike actually moves the bike. Main video link of the bike using mechanical KERS is shown here :

Bloom Box: The Alternative Energy that Terrifies Obama
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KERS bicycle technology university project at AIT
Mechanical kinetic energy recovery bicycle by use of flywheel, Athlone Institute of Technology, Westmeath, Ireland The build of KERS bicycle link : forum link below for any queries Developed by: Ian Kelly, Andrew Kinnarney, Keith McCloughry, Keith Vaugh