Ultra Racing Bars test on Subaru and EVO 6

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Evo 6 RS @ Pace Ward MLR Sprint Series, Round 1: Silverstone - 26/03/11
Here's a highlights video of three of my runs at the first round of the MLR Sprint Series, which was held at Silverstone on the 26th March 2011. My best lap time was 1.00.56. I came 21st out of all 56 cars running on the day. Music: Music... DJ Fresh Talkbox Kryptonite 2010 Breakbeat Kaos Footage & Edit by Jonny Jones http://www.carpromos.co.uk

Does Ultra Racing bars really helps during collision?
The whole video is being shot based on a true story where the involved parties explained the whole story after the accident 2011. Once again it has been proven that Ultra Racing bars do help in reducing the impact to the chassis by distributing the forces evenly and protect the passengers in the cabin.

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Installing Ultra Racing Strut Bars on Mazda MX5 by MightyCarMods
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