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shafiroff 582 HHR STARTUP

582 UltraStreet Big Dawg
March 24, 2010 Dyno session.

454 BBC replaced with SSRE 582 - Dyno Run #1
Out with the old (454) in with the new (582). This is the engine I promised in the comments that is replacing my old 454 powerplant. As you can see from the end of the video this tree stump pullin' 582 monster has 784HP @ 6200RPM and 742ftlbs of torque @ 5000RPM. NO BOTTLE....and is streetable on pump gas at 10.5:1. Aside from the package Shafiroff offers on this engine, I had Wilson Manifolds provide intermediate porting and port matching of the intake to the DART PRO1 355cc heads which proves to be money well spent as it is giving this beast an additional 35HP over advertised on Shafiroff's website. Go to www.shafiroff.com for more specs on the 582 Ultra Street BIG DAWG.

434/700 HP "Hydraulic Roller" Small Block Chevy Big Dawg Dyno Session
Just Released - 700 horsepower 434 Small Block Chevy featuring a Hydraulic Roller Camshaft! Dependable power for the street and for the strip! Specs: http://www.shafiroff.com/chevy-crate-engine/434-bigdawg-hr.php http://www.shafiroff.com