Twin Turbo Saleen S7

Some sweet pictures of a sweet car.

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Saleen S7 Twin Turbo Walkaround and Startup
The best sound ever

Saleen S7 Ride and Accelerations
BrianZuk goes for a quick ride in a Stunning Lizstick Red Saleen S7 and records some out of car accelerations as well. Video shows the exterior, interior, engine, and in car footage of the S7. Unfortunately there were cops everywhere, who just eariler pulled over the Gallardo Spyder and R8s from my previous vids, so the driver had to be very cautious. Thanks again to the owner :) BrianZuk's Facebook Here!

Saleen S7 does 240 mph
Me burying the needle on the saleen s7 down in FL. I can only imagine how fast the TT one is. Car should gear out to 253 mph if there was enough road.

Silverado Twin Turbo: Service Appointment
We took our brand new 2015 Silverado 1500 back to the dealer after installing the Armageddon Twin turbo system. We didn't tell the dealer staff about what we is the result Systems are available in stock and ready to SHIP! This is the highest quality Twin-turbo system on the planet. Don't mess around with inferior and less efficient supercharging systems: Give your 2014+ GM Truck the power it was MEANT to have! Systems fit the 5.3L and 6.2L Engine Configurations Armageddon turbo Systems is preparing to release their latest product: A 1200+ horsepower Capable Twin turbo System for: 2014+ GM Trucks Including: -Chevrolet Silverado 1500 -Chevrolet Suburban -Chevrolet Tahoe -GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali -GMC Sierra 1500 -Cadillac Escalade System is to be released November of 2015 2014+ Truck System Development Partners: - System Design and Development - System Design and Development, Prototyping, Fixturing, Project Management, End User Sales - PCM Calibration and R&D - System Design, Scanning Development - Couplers and Accessories - Charge Air Cooler Development and Fixturing - Fluid Transport Development and Design - turbocharger Development - Boost Control Device Development