Watch parts of HP TV's "Chevy vs. Ford small block shootout" and "Pontiac 600 Hp Hop-Up" showing their Dynomite dynamometer in action!

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DYNO-mite Dynamometer Factory Tour
Take a 12-minute video tour of Land & Sea's Dynomite Dynamometer factory and training facilities!

Stuska Vision at Parkland College
Stuska Dynamometers is proud to partner with Parkland college and have their Dyno incorporated into their course curriculum.

Dyno Test - Dart Short Block and Top End Kits
Street Legal TV's Jonathon Buckley puts Dart's Short Block and Top End Kits to the test, pushing the limits through a series of Dyno tests. http://www.summitracing.com/search/Brand/Dart/Department/Engines-Components /Section/Engine-Blocks-Accessories/?Ns=Rank|Asc

MAN F6V35 World War 1 U-boat diesel engine load run
A World War 1 U-boat diesel engine, built in 1917, running under load for the first time in years, after being moved to the new location of the SHVP. This U-boat engine was built in 1917 by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg to operate in a German submarine. This engine however never made it into a U-boat as the war was running to an end. The engine was stored and transferred to Holland during the second World War to operate as a generator engine in a water supply company where it was producing electric power up to the 1960's. It's a four stroke engine with six cylinders and a overhead camshaft, the Exhaust valves are water cooled. Attached to the engine is a four step, high pressure air compressor which provides about 80 bar necessary for the diesel injection, as common fuel pumps where not developed yet. To start the engine a pressure of 80 bar is needed for the fuel injection system and a large volume of air at 20 bar to set the six cylinders in motion. Once started the engine's own compressor takes over the high pressure fuel injection. The engine drives an AC generator of 480 kVA built in 1944 by Smit Slikkerveer in The Netherlands. More information about this and other engines can be found on the website of the SHVP: www.shvp.nl