Watch parts of HP TV's "Chevy vs. Ford small block shootout" and "Pontiac 600 Hp Hop-Up" showing their Dynomite dynamometer in action!

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Dyno Test - Dart Short Block and Top End Kits
Street Legal TV's Jonathon Buckley puts Dart's Short Block and Top End Kits to the test, pushing the limits through a series of Dyno tests. http://www.summitracing.com/search/Brand/Dart/Department/Engines-Components /Section/Engine-Blocks-Accessories/?Ns=Rank|Asc

Stuska Vision at Parkland College
Stuska Dynamometers is proud to partner with Parkland college and have their Dyno incorporated into their course curriculum.

Horsepower TV's HOT PARTS Segement PLUS VHS Glitching
has some exploitable parts on it so i uploaded it anyway. THIS is why i couldnt upload that whole episode. because the tape got pretty trashed on this part

Power block Horse power tv wit Mojo jo-jo
in dis clip we will show u how to buff afer wet sanding da clear coat wit 1500 nacho aka stupid wet shorty is da cammer man lagonz da mojo,the buffer as da Secret weapon n jr da juiceman as da Dungeon masrter in affect!!