06 Dodge Cummins cold start high idle

first snow for the cummins southern truck never seen snow got 6 inches up here in MA

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06 dodge cummins test drive or should i say beat run ACCELERATIONS!!!!!!!!
title says it all this is a 2006 dodge cummins me and my dad took for a beat run it has 72 k miles on it we didnt buy it because it was to high priced they wanted $28,000 for it and is that ticking normal; in the motor and what is the normal running temp for the engine this truck is 100% stock its the best package you can buy in this year truck please rate commant and subscribe thanks guys :D

06 Dodge Cummins cold start
truck has been sitting for about a week, the batteries wer dead so i put it on the charger it was below 0 the night before so it was a good cold start and it wasnt plugged in. (truck is for sale)

Ryans 99 wrecked cummins still burns rubber
i got bored all i have to say

My dads new 06 dodge cummins
we jst got it the other day its so nice it melts the tires off the rims haha be have a few mods in it for now like afe cold air intake with tube leading down to the turbo and a straight pipe but were going to get a 5 inch cat back mbrp Exhaust for it and it will sound even better it sounds so nice now tho if you have any video request of the truck just let me know -Billy