06 Dodge Cummins cold start high idle

first snow for the cummins southern truck never seen snow got 6 inches up here in MA

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Winter is Cummins #9 || The Best Cold Start Diesels Compilation
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Cummins High Idle Lope Dodge Ram
2003 Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins HO Edge Juice w/Attitude Edge Boost Elbow Banks Air Intake

06 Dodge Cummins cold start
truck has been sitting for about a week, the batteries wer dead so i put it on the charger it was below 0 the night before so it was a good cold start and it wasnt plugged in. (truck is for sale)

2003 Dodge Ram 3500 cold start at -24F
Jan. 09, South Central Minnesota, -24F, cold start with no block heater. Dodge Ram 3500 with Cummins turbodiesel, 233,000 miles