Audi S6 A6 Avant Quattro V8 C4 S4 4,2 Kombi No C5 4B A8 exhaust sound 2,2 turbo

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Sound Audi S6 C4 V8 mit BN Pipes + K&N
Ein kleiner Soundcheck meines zweiten Autos. Ein unverbastelter Audi S6 C4 V8 mit BN Pipes Edelstahlauspuffanlage und K&N Sportluftfilter - im Sammlerzustand. UPDATE: Mittlerweile 100% restauriert inkl. Komplettlackierung

Audi S6 20vt 1995 Ride and sound

Audi S6 Plus 326ps
Audi S6 Plus in snow, and then Audi S6 Plus in more snow.

Audi S4-Porno [2010] 2.2L Turbo 300HP+
This video was made just for the fun of it! :) My friend and me own a Audi S4 each, and we just had to make a video like this.... The video was shot in several places in Akershus/Norway. It was shot with a Canon HF100 and a CASIO EX-F1 Pro camera. The result after video-editing for weeks, was pretty cool!. :) The music is made by Zymotix - "Rachel in Trance". It's a perfect song for this video.....thanks! :) ENJOY! Again.........we sure did! :)