Rebuild of a XB Falcon

The work required in restoring an 1975 XB GS Ford Falcon. The GS was basically the same as the GT, but without leather seats (nick named the 'poverty pack') All rust cut out and replacement panels welded in. Resprayed in Pepper Red, it's original colour.

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XB Ford coupe rebuild
Pictures of rebuild of my xb coupe

xb coupe rebuild
The summary of my 3 year rebuild of a Ford 1973 XB Coupe...

here we have a 4 door xb gt almost complete sittin in a garage for over 15 years! and it still runs! sorta

XA 1973 Ford Falcon Restoration
All done in my home Garage from start to finish,I didn't have $30k to pay for a bare metal respray so its a DIY and yes its a XA 351 GT Falcon replica and no it need interior done and a few other things to complete the car. Build time: 8 months. as well as a 40 hour week in a timber mill.