Rebuild of a XB Falcon

The work required in restoring an 1975 XB GS Ford Falcon. The GS was basically the same as the GT, but without leather seats (nick named the 'poverty pack') All rust cut out and replacement panels welded in. Resprayed in Pepper Red, it's original colour.

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XB Ford coupe rebuild
Pictures of rebuild of my xb coupe

Ford XB Falcon Restoration - Part 3 - Plenum Chamber Repairs
Hello from Queensland and welcome to "Project XB". This is a series of videos I am creating to document the restoration of my ’74 XB Falcon. Although I am a qualified mechanic and transmission rebuilder, I am new to restorations and have quite a lot to learn. My aim is to do just about everything myself, in my own shed - from engine / transmission rebuilding, body / paint work and everything else in between. I want to show what is achievable with a little know how, the right mind set and of course the support of family and friends. With any luck I can pass on what I have learnt and pick up some tips from like-minded people along the way. I am not aiming for a show car when it's finished - it will be restored with a mixture of originality and modern features. Let’s see where we end up! In this video I start the repair of the plenum chamber and welding of patch panels. - Knock Out Rust Taking on a restoration project is a huge commitment in itself and I would like to thank the people who have taken the time to document their projects / tutorials and have given their advice so people like me can learn. I will be sharing links of videos that I have found to be extremely helpful and will be giving credit to those particular people. Anyway, let’s get back into it! Cheers, Philthy Phil

1963 Ford Falcon Sprint Rescue
Drug a couple more out of the woods.

XB Coupe restore- stage 1 'body'