08 350Z HR GREDDY TT 470 @ 12 psi

This is one of my friends (Dave) 08 350Z (VQ35HR) producing 470 RWHP before a retune. These #'s are much lower than a Dynojet, Mustang Dyno, and even a Dyno Dynamics. 12 psi greddy 20G TT kit, Brian Crower Rods, CP pistons, stock crankshaft, stock cams. BASELINE PULL

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Jons TT 350z
Jon's Twin turbo 350z in the 1/4mile IPP Stage 1 Shortblock Greddy TT kit w/custom 20g turbos from Blouch AAM 3" downpipes & dumps AAM oil pan spacer & turbo oil returns AAM stage .5 fuel return setup Custom fuel feed setup w/bosch 044 & walbro 255 pumps & DW/Denso 880cc injectors Custom 4" Exhaust RSP Stage 6 clutch JWT flywheel turboXs Utec EMS HKS EVC VI Boost controller & BOV Kinetix SS Venturi intake manifold Mishimoto Radiator & coolant hoses Stock Heads & Cams : ) 712whp/676wtq @ 23psi

Corvette Z06 (545rwhp) VS TwinTurbo 350Z (637rwhp)
Corvette Z06 (At Mainline Dyno=495 & At Dynojet=545rwhp) VS Twinturbo 350Z (At Mainline Dyno=569rwhp & At Dynojet=637rwhp) More Info for TT 350Z Dyno Please Click:http://youtu.be/HE-_7hm3FSQ http://i48.tinypic.com/21neivl.jpg

2007 HR 350Z on the Dyno
My 2007 Nissan 350Z on the Dyno. VQ35HR engine with 7500 RPM redline. Engine performance mods: Stillen True Dual Exhaust, Stillen High Flow Cats, Stillen Gen 3 Dual Cold Air Intakes. NO TUNE, although I will get one going soon after I get the time to install my Stillen Ceramic coated headers. This is on a DynoJet Dyno in Ogden, UT, at 4600 ft altitude. 280RWHP.

VQ35HR start up in S14.MOV
Here is a VQ35HR that we just rewired using a our harness service and NATS removal service. We sold this to a customer and wanted to make sure everything worked so we installed it into MY S14. It looks like a 350Z because I have a 350Z front end on my S14 along with a G35 rear end on the body. Check out our website at www.zfever.com for pics of the car build. We are installing a Twin turbo VQ35 into it next week. For this VQ35HR to fit we used Mckinney Motorsports' engine and trans mount kit but we had to re-fabricate the driver''s side mount and notch the passenger side X-member mounting hole slightly. This allowed us to get enough clearance between the steering linkage and the starter (which is on the left side of the HR motor). We also had to make a custom steering U-joint that was a tad longer and thinner than the stock one. Lastly, we had to re-fabricate the Exhaust manifolds to get them to clear the firewall properly. This is the initial start-up just to make sure our wiring and NATS removal service worked for the VQ35HR as well as the VQ35DE. They require more time to wire up, but as you can see, it works well. Call us at 813-877-7600 or email us at info@zfever.com if you have any questions or want to order yours. We can also build the whole car for you. Thanks for checking out our video, I hope you enjoyed it.