Mclaren M8F KIC 2009

Mclaren M8F in-car video. 2009 Kohler International Challenge Group 7 Qualifying race at Road America

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Black Stig Sunday morning warm up.
Kiwi Black Stig warms his M8E/F (9000cc/800hp) at Laguna Seca for the final race at the Legends of Motorsports McLaren reunion. That afternoon Black Stig won the Legends of Motorsports McLaren Can Am feature race. 1.28.8 was best lap in practice. Thanks Black Stig for letting me place my Go Pro on your incredible McLaren.

Road America CanAm 50th Anniversary Reunion
Friday qualifying in a McLaren M8F. Turn up the volume!

Lola T70 Le Mans 2010 - Onboard
Lola T70 prepared by Equipe Europe at Le Mans Classic 2010 - onboard with Y.Mahe

Hockenheim Historic 2013 - McLaren M8F
Onboard with Michiel Campagne in the 1972 McLaren M8F during the first race of the Super Sports series at the Hockenheim Historic event. We decided to send out the car on new rain tires as it was raining just before the pregrid. During the race it stopped raining after some laps and the track got dry. Michiel dropped back some places due to the lack of grip and the fact his visor kept misting on the inside. Therefore he decided to retire from the race. For more information & photos about the race visit our website: ic-2013