Andrei Pizdetz in actiune mazda MX6 burnout

L.A. baby

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Mazda mx6 v6.. lil burn out in the end((;
Parents not home was bored nd was a must shoulda burned it longer but leave no evidence((:

Matts Mx6 burnout. This cars exahast screams
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Mx6 drifting
Drifting with my mx6

My HellaFlush 93 MX6 ZE Sounding MEAN! Magnaflow Cat back exhaust
Few passes with my 93 MX6 ZE... Just got this set up installed! Rate and Comment! Mods * JDM KLZE Engine Swap * Performance Headers * Stage 2 Clutch * Lightweight Flywheel * Intake * Shocker Oil Cap * Jspec Projector Headlights * 8000k HIDs * 20% Tint all they way around * OEM Zenki 240sx Bumper Lip * Ksport Coilovers * Red 16x8 +0 Sportmaxx XXR 002s * Strechted Falken ZE-512 Tires * Rolled Fenders * -5 Degrees ngative camber in the front * .3.5 Degrees negative camber in the rear * Magnaflow Dual Tip Muffler * Magnaflow Hi-Flow Cat * 2.5'' Piping * Custom Tails * Pioneer Audio Much More!