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Nuestra Visita a OPAK RACING Motorsports, el unico distribuidor official para america dela marca japonesa SPOON, HONDANATION PRESENTE

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The Chronicles Vlog #2.5: Bonus, Uncut, On-board Video of the Spoon Sports CTR at GTAxSLB '14....
Here is the entire 8-minute, uncut video of the Spoon Sports FD2 CTR during its final session at Global Time Attack x Super Lap Battle '14. This is all the video I could get from Spoon Sports USA and driver Dai Yoshihara. Multiple GoPros were mounted in the vehicle but were the property of Motor Trend. This shows Yoshihara driving the Spoon Sports Civic Type R turbo (FD2) at Buttonwillow CW13. ***EDIT*** Vehicle weight is actually 2295lbs. For more GTAxSLB Coverage, click the links below... d-gtaxslb-14-coverage/ Thank you to Spoon Sports USA and Dai Yoshihara for the exclusive footage. Spoon Sports USA (@spoonsportsusa) Daijiro Yoshihara (@daiyoshihara) MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR FUTURE VLOGS!! I got plenty of interesting stuff coming for you guys to watch! WWW.STICKYDILJOE.COM WWW.NORIVALNOEQUAL.COM

スプーンフィット3 / Spoon Sports Fit3 RS GK5 Jazz ホンダフィット3レースカー
スーパー耐久2014 最終戦オートポリスで撮影した動画です。 スプーンカラーのマシンはカッコいいですね♪ リジカラ / PROSPECWORKS / BUNZO RACING / Gaijin-Garage Spoon Sports S-Tai Fit3 RS GK5 6MT DOHC VTEC

Honda NSX and Honda Civic Type R at Spoon Sports USA
My visit to Spoon Sports USA in California. A walk around and description of two Honda Type R's. A NSX type R and A Civic type R #TypeR For more information please visit