Honda Nation visita SPOON SPORTS

Nuestra Visita a OPAK RACING Motorsports, el unico distribuidor official para america dela marca japonesa SPOON, HONDANATION PRESENTE

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スプーン フィット3 RS / Spoon Sports Fit3 RS GK5 Jazz ホンダフィット3レースカー
スーパー耐久2014 最終戦オートポリスで撮影した動画です。 スプーンカラーのマシンはカッコいいですね♪ リジカラ / PROSPECWORKS / BUNZO RACING / Gaijin-Garage Spoon Sports S-Tai Fit3 RS GK5 6MT DOHC VTEC

Called Us " Spoon Mania Thailand " B.A.S 2015
Spoon Mania Thailand (Bangkok International Auto Salon 2015 )

Slammed SIR Eg Ferio
Watch in 720p*** Had An Awesome Time Filming This Ferio! Follow Us On Instagram - a96p_alex ( Videographer ) & nvus_eg4dr ( Owner ) Like Our Facebook Page! Song Used ( No copyright intended, please support the artist ) Gemini - Graduation

Touge Showdown -Spoon FD2 Civic Keiichi Tsuchiya Impression & Touge GP 300 Part 4 Final
Keiichi Tsuchiya's driving impression of Spoon's FD2 Honda Civic. Battles on the touge at Gunsai. This time GP300 class! SPOON EK9 Civic, Yashio Factory 350Z, Drivin' Magic DC5, J's Racing S2000, Amuse S2300 GT-1. Final round is a three way competition between Yashio Factory, J's Racing and Power House Amuse.