2013 Chevrolet Colorado performance test drive - LATEST VERSION | Chevrolet Việt Nam

Here is the full test drive of the brand-new Colorado of Chevrolet. Tìm hiểu thêm về chiếc xe Chevrolet Colorado: http://www.chevrolet.com.vn/cars/2013-colorado/model-overview.html Xem thêm các video clip của Chevrolet Việt Nam tại: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheChevroletVN Facebook của Chevrolet Việt Nam: https://www.facebook.com/TheChevroletVietnam

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General Motor Indonesia launched All New Chevrolet Colorado as the midsize dynamic truck to Indonesia market. The event launch was held in Puri Begawan Bogor, West Java on Monday, 5th March 2012. For more info, articles and photos, please visit: http://stephenlangitan.com/archives/49536

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Chevrolet Colorado (GMI700) | MY17 High Country & Z71
Yesteryear was Ford's year to launch the re-freshened Ranger T6 pickups. Now, July in this year, is Chevrolet's turn. As the journey of the Chevy Truck will soon reach its first centennial milestone, the new MY17 Colorado (GMI700) pickups have arrived to public at last, after nearly 4 months of the introduction of Chevrolet's latest Concept Truck in 37thBiMS (along with TrailBlazer Premier Prototype PPV). Chevrolet grabs 22nd to 24th of July as first 3 days of public launch for MY17 Colorado pickups. The event was took place at Lumpini Square near Lumpini Metro Station in Bangkok. People there can see just several few models of the current Colorado lineup, not all, of course. Just High Country 4x4 units and Z71 (4x2) LTZ X-Cab and C-Cab. But also held the temporarily track for 3 days to blow away the dull all day long, with Drift-showings and few fascinating simulated obstacles, and let the Colorado pickups show-off their forceful power from its latest Duramax engine, to pass through it all. All the driving as seen here performed by several pro Thai race drivers. Some people also even signed for their test drive sessions. Yes, it's time now to see and touch the real thing.