LowNslo(turbo 6L fullsize) vs. SS

2007 chevrolet 1500 LQ4/turbo vs. Head/cam spray SS Camaro at Hub City Dragway Hattiesburg, Ms 2/20/11

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Big Nite in the 'Burg--CAR CRASH
ULTIMATE CAR CRASH in Hattiesburg, MS, at Hub City Dragway on Sunday, June 26, 2011! Featuring: Don Mack, Charlie, PooPoo, Terence, Katrina, Edmund Hall, Jason Brown, Larry Barnes, etc.

Turbo 07 silverado Trick performance kit
224r 113lsa cam Trick Performance Stage 3 76mm turbo kit Base Tune Only on 4 Pounds LQ4 stock internals 3600 Circle D 3:90 Gears with an Eaton

2001 Camaro SS Front Mount 76mm Turbo Burnout Stock LQ4
Low Boost, 9psi, 540rwhp, all custom home built. 15psi made 744rwhp

S-10 LQ9 S475 10.1@132 track passes K.P Tuning
K.P. Tuning tuned S10 went 10.1@132 on only it's 3rd full pass down the track for the 2011 season. New setup coming in 2012 so please check back.