Zenec NC-5010MS Setup Opel Vectra C 2007

Zenec NC-5010MS Setup Opel Vectra C 2007

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STACJA MULIMEDIALNA VECTRA C niestety dzwiek z TV DVD i radia został zablokowany przez You Tube ..sciezka muzyczna podmieniona

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Parrot MKi9000 & 2002 Vaxuhall Vectra C Installation
Parrot MKi9000 Bluetooth advanced hands-free music system Install into 2002 Vauxhall Vectra C SRi using an Autoleads SOT-078 ISO connection lead. This lead did make the installation much easier and neater however I did find that the lead didn't fit into the original radio metal cage like the Vauxhall one did and that some of the pins in the lead didn't seem to be locked into the plugs that well with a tendency to pop out when plugging the parrot leads in, I also had too swap the two +12 volt supplies wires to the parrot these are the red & orange wires on the Parrot supplied wiring loom both fitted with inline fuse holders one is the permanent +12 volt supply from the cars battery the other is an ignition +12 volt which is only on (live) when the ignition is switched on I checked these with a multi meter and just swapped the wires at the fuse holders as per the instructions on page 12 & 13 this is necessary and the parrot unit could flatter the cars battery if left for any time.

cambio de volante del vectra c
10 minutos bastan para ke eusadi haga el cambio del volante.