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10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage?

El misterio escondido en los modelos Atlantic y Caribe de VW | Atracción360
Cuenta la historia que el presidente Luis Echeverría, pidió directamente a las autoridades de Volkswagen modificar el nombre de sus nuevos modelos Editado por Nelly Edith González Molina

VOCHOS modificados
Si deseas transformar tu Vocho. Aquí te mostramos algunos modelos para que puedas elegir.

Outlaw Flat Four 2009 season revue DVD trailer
Available from and Following all the action from this wild wheel-standing drag race class as they race at Santa Pod and Shakespeare County Raceway. Off the track probably the most chilled out set of racers anywhere, but on it, expect the unexpected! Also includes away from the track feature. Full 1 hour 40 mins running time. Thanks to "The Dead Ranch Hands" for the use of their music on the DVD and trailer