Making a Worthington X-Series Steel Scuba Cylinder

There is great facination with How Things Are Made. This video from Worthington provides insight into the manufacturing and testing of XS Scuba X-Series steel scuba cylinders. From the initial blank preparation to the final inspection and testing, nothing is left to the imagination. This video is provided for you by the folks at XS Scuba and posted by

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BALDOR - Athens, Georgia Plant
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Industrial steel vessel head
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Boro Implosion Pendant
Shows how I make one of the "implosion" style pendants with borosilicate glass on a GTT Cheetah torch. The pressed dot pattern is created with the help of a "florist frog" found at craft stores in the floral department or search online. It has been my experience that this heating of the edge and folding the clear around the color is commonly referred to as "implosion" and this pendant is an example of a design tutorial published in FLOW MAGAZINE years ago of the same title. Obviously no hot glass work literally implodes, even when condensing a bubble at the end of a tube which is the more obvious use of the term in glass work. Basically using the difference in viscosity at temperature to produce a three dimensional fold generates the three dimensional look of these deep floral encasements. At the end of the day "implosion" is just one of many descriptors referring to a glass working technique, which may have different uses and meanings to other glass artists. This video was done for display in our store where the customer could see many versions of the finished product. It was originally intended to answer the question "How do you do that?" I do show the final item briefly at the end and in fact this one was not that photogenic so I did not chose to edit in more views. What you see at the end of the video is basically it. Not all my work turns out beautiful, that is just the way it goes experimenting with color. You may wish to check out some of my other youtube videos of finished marbles and our Etsy store and web site. For more about our glass world check us out at and on youtube: Etsy: