RB26 350z

A Nissan 350z powered by the almighty RB26 at Lethal Injection Dyno day. It has been stroked out to 2.7L and remains a twin turbo set up.

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Nissan 350Z RB26DETT

8 Insanely Cool RB26 Swaps | Ep. 1
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RB26 vs 2JZ: Which One is Actually Better?
When you’re talking about Japanese legends, the RB26 and the 2JZ always seem to pop up in the conversation. Ever since Fast & Furious came out in 2001, the Skyline GTR and MK4 Supra have become internet sensations, and so have their motors. There are countless videos on the internet of both engines making well over 1,000 horsepower. But the question always seems to come up; which one is king of Japan? Well, let’s dive in and compare RB26 vs 2JZ, and find out who’s really king. Full Article: http://dustrunnersauto.com/rb26-vs-2jz/

372whp 350z, ITBs, Head Porting, Longtube Headers
This was the last day before SG was sadly closed. We got the ITBs just in time, installed them and made them work despite missing all of the linkage parts - tuned it and the result was incredible, over 30whp above our already modified intake manifold and 90mm throttle body - that's 55whp more than a factory throttle body and plenum. Read all about it, the head porting, larger cams and injector dynamics injectors in Modified Magazine - coming soon! Follow us at OnPointDyno.com Instagram @OnPointDyno Facebook @OnPointDyno