saab spg garrett gt3071r

engine bay-engine running garrett gt3071r turbo-custom fmic/Exhaust/intake/etc.etc.etc.

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saab spg gt3071r
custom saab spg built by pearce european in santa cruz,ca. garrett gt3071r turbo

SAAB Crash Test
2 SAAB's 50% offset frontal impact 120 km/h (75 mph) closing speed

SAAB Sonett, FTD at the VSCCA Mount Equinox Hillclimb 2013
1968 SAAB Sonett Roof cut off 1500cc V4 Column shift, freewheeling 4 speed transmission (SAAB Sport&Rally Spec1 gears). I couldn't use 4th gear because the car didn't have enough power to pull in 4th. This was my 5th and final run of the weekend. I hit most of my marks and only made a couple of actual mistakes. I got a good run out of the turn leading onto the climb to the saddle and increased my best trap speed by 3 mph. The Mt. Equinox climb is 5.2 miles long and climbs 3,248 feet. It is the highest peak in the Taconic Mountain range.

Lobelia Barker at Elmia Custom Carshow 2007
Lobelia painting True fire on a Saab 900 live at Elmia 2007