Video Feature: 1936 Ford Tudor Sedan

THE HUMPBACK OF PHOENIX Member Bruce Hams's Smooth '36 Ford Tudor Sedan

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1935 Ford Two Door Sedan Cream
Cool flathead Ford! Looks pretty original, it would often be the choice of families who wished to keep their children secure in the back seat! This one has a radio, with speaker mounted overhead. Radios were a fairly rare accessory at this time, particularly in a low priced car. Notice the trunk in the back, and the encased spare tire. They evidently called this configuration a "humpback" because of the positioning of the trunk. The red wire wheels are a knockout!

Here we have an unrestored '36 Ford Standard Tudor. There were two levels of Tudors. The Standard would have a plain appearance whereas the DeLuxe would have the chomed horn covers and windshield frame and the grille bars would be stainless steel. A little glitter differentiated the two levels with the DeLuxe being more expensive. Changes by Ford this year include new steel wheels replacing the wire wheels and the horns were now hidden behind the fender mounted grilles. Ford offered 16 body styles this year and all had the V8, 3.6 litre engines with thirty horsepower. Model year production reached up 13% to 930,778 units causing Ford to hold on to 1st place in the industry, ahead of competition Chevy by 12,500 units. Yet, Ford sales were brisk despite 'ol Henry Ford refused to add modern features such as that all steel " turret" top, hydraulic brakes, and independent front suspension. Features that many other car makers already adopted. This unrestored Ford has a lot of potential for restoration and has already started with those new wide white tires with fresh painted red wheels. Other restorations would be the paint, interior seats and door panels, and headliner. I enjoyed this original survivor and I think you will enjoy it also. Thanks very much for viewing thi 1936 Ford Standard Tudor.

1936 Ford Collection pt.1
Private collection of 1936 Ford vehicles.

ed's 36 ford
ed's 36 ford