ETD Racing Traction Bar Install - Speed Scene Racing Review

Install and review of our 88-91 CRX and 90-93 Integra traction bars. This review done by Speed Scene Racing on our product.

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The Measurement of Cellular Traction Forces
Chris Chen, University of Pennsylvania GEM4 Summer School 2012

eBay traction control bar
This is a video review I did on a no name brand traction control bar I bought on eBay. Do not buy. This thing is crap.

Toyota Traction Control System (TRC)
The sophisticated Toyota system is an all-speed design that utilizes both brake and engine throttle control. TRAC helps to avoid slippage of the driving wheels by slightly applying the brake on a slipping drive wheel and reducing the throttle to maintain traction according to the road surface conditions. The system eliminates the need for a subtle accelerator pedal operation and helps ensure vehicle control when starting or accelerating on slippery roads.

ZipGripGo Alternative Traction Aid
ZipGipGo is an alternative traction aid designed to get you car, truck, or SUV unstuck. Our design is as easy to use as a zip tie. Our patented product is easy to use and easy to keep in your trunk. It works great on ice, snow, and mud.