ETD Racing Traction Bar Install - Speed Scene Racing Review

Install and review of our 88-91 CRX and 90-93 Integra traction bars. This review done by Speed Scene Racing on our product.

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eBay traction control bar
This is a video review I did on a no name brand traction control bar I bought on eBay. Do not buy. This thing is crap.

Innovative EF Traction Bar
Installation steps of Innovative EF Traction Bar, purchased from Overall installation took about an hour. Tools needed: Jack Jack Stands 19mm socket wrench 19mm box end wrench 17mm box end wrench 17mm socket wrench 14mm socket wrench 21mm socket wrench Optional: Impact driver Torch

B20 Turbo Civic 4 door traction bar break
13.5 run watch the front wheels as the traction bar bolts come loose....

Home made Traction bars
My own version of the Cal Trac bars that I made with all new hardware for 1/2 the price. A quick sound clip of the recently dumped modified Exhaust near the end of the video.