★ WORST Car Crashes from Around the World (Compilation) ★

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Scary Car crashes!! (WARNING very graphic)
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

Insane Car Crashes and Car Accidents! | Video Digest
Car crashes, collisions, wrecks, accidents. Almost all the car crashes are real bad. Some are fatal or brutal, so viewer discretion is advised. And yes I know some of them aren't worst crashes, but I just couldn't resist adding them in! Because of their "what the heck was that?" effect :) I spent hours and hours finding all these and trying to avoid the ones that get used in every car crash compilation. By the way, the rouge semi-truck that killed 22 people. I found a video of an aerial view of that. Never seen it before, it's crazy! Of course there will be people that will be mad that no one pulls over to help so I just want to say... YES they do. I just cut those parts out to avoid making a 20 minute video. Anyway, watch the video, drive safe, and try your best to avoid getting into a wreck of this sort. And be sure to check out my channel for more awesome compilations! Top Comments: "Maybe I'll just walk to school tomorrow..." choilovereaper #crashes #accidents

Stupid Girl Compilation
re-upload from someone from other page, i just got tired of doing a survey before seeing it so i upload to youtube so anyone can see it.

2013: WORLDWIDE Worst Car Crashes Caught on video!!!
Worst Car Crashes caught on video Horrible Car Crashes caught on video