★ WORST Car Crashes from Around the World (Compilation) ★

MUSIC LINK - http://soundcloud.com/speshein/headache ========================================= Самые зрелищные аварии за Сентябрь 2011 из России.

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Super car driver idiots [NO pics, only videos]
I got bored with all the "super car crashes"-videos here on YouTube that only contained PICTURES, CRAPPY MUSIC or/and clips of pure racing cars on official racing events. This compilation DOES NOT include pure racing cars on official racing events - only real life FAILures on the STREETS, made by people with more money than driving skills... (Though, even the best car drivers can crash too of course.) Notice 1: The "Dodge Ram" may not be a super car, but still it's a SRT10 with the 8.3L Viper V10 which produces 510hp. Pretty super for a pick up, don't you think? It has more power than several of the cars in this video. The intention with this video was to show that skills doesn't come with money. Notice 2: Tire is the preferred spelling in the U.S. and Canada. Tyre is preferred in most varieties of English outside North America. And I'm from Sweden. So please think outside your box (country), you who claims "tyre" is incorrect spelling.

Car Crash & Road Rage Compilation (2) (Best of 2012)
Note: At the time I made this video a few years ago I didn't mean to copy right the video, instead that I was meaning to put a water mark on the video to make other youtube users less likely to download my entire compilation that I took time to put together and re-post as their own work - also note I have never received a single cent from these videos (Proof - http://imgur.com/WS7tMY9 ). The second video in a series of car crash videos. Was a viral video until the account it was on got terminated. So here I am starting over =) These videos are intended for educational purposes. Thanks!

Скоростной предел [Аварии на большой скорости]
Интернет-магазин автозапчастей: https://goo.gl/Eiul15 При заказе обязательно укажи мой ник - "Main Road"! Тише едешь - дальше будешь... Данный видеоролик размещён исключительно в образовательных целях для водителей и пешеходов. Музыка на фоне: MindlessFate–Hopeless Для коммерческих запросов: mainroadchannel@gmail.com

Worst car crashes, footage of the most horrible car crashes and car wrecks caught on camera.