2002 SS Vs 2000 Z28

Shitty Cell Phone Quality Unexpected Race From Challenger. Both A4 With Mods Camera Car is My 2002 Camaro SS

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Sacramento Raceway
My 35th Blue SS (DaNny MaC) & Sean JaMeZ Recording.. Recorded Other races (lots of Camaros & Mustangs) It Was Cold & windy got colder as it got darker (Wednesday night drags)

2000 LS1 Z28 vs 2003 Terminator Cobra
First 2 races were 25 rolls Camaro has long tube headers and an o/r y-pipe. termi had supposedly pullied and had a tune.

2000 Camaro SS (Inside) vs. 2001 Camaro Z28
Me=2000 Camaro SS-Heads and Cam-6 Speed Darren=2001 Camaro Z28-Cam and 150 Shot-Automatic

2002 Camaro SS CME Exhaust
Update - New Exhaust video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlmMgCnLxL0 2002 SLP SS 6 speed 345hp Exhaust package (CME) Exhaust has never been touched. Heres a sample for anyone looking to hear what a stock CME car sounds like. Enjoy. Also, if anyone wants to see a few pictures of the car, check out this link (LS1Tech): http://ls1tech.com/forums/multimedia-exchange/1427950-newbie-photoshoot.htm l