350z with problem starting - PROBLEM NOW SOLVED!

After a trial an error process the dealership finally found out what the problem was. The NATS antenna went out. When it went out it somehow fried my BCM (Body Control Module). The car threw a code the first time I took the car to the dealer and their trouble shoot was to replace the keys and reprogram everything. So we did that. It didn't fix anything. I tried a new battery (the original battery was on its way out. Only putting out 265 cranking amps rather than the 500+ that it should have been). After that the problem was still there so I took it back to the dealer. This time they changed the BCM and told me that was the cause. It was a factor but not the cause. The third time I bring the car in it throws a code for the NATS antenna. After that was swapped out everything works great. I've gone about 1,000 miles on the new NATS antenna without a problem. The car starts every time. Hopefully this helps the rest of you.

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