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Honda CB1100F L&W sound

HEaring my CB1100F with the Lehnhard & Wagner 4in1 Exhaust system!


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Honda CB1100F
This descibes an Exhaust change of an CB1100F 1983 to Lehnhart&Wagner 4in1

1983 Honda CB1100F Canadian
1st day with my "new" '83 Honda CB1100F

Honda CB1100F
The Honda CB1100F presented at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show..

Honda CB1100
Official Honda CB1100 video

Mugen CB1100
Honda CB1100 無限カスタマイズ仕様

CB1100RR Evolution Start
Starting a Honda CB1100RR Boldor

無限のマフラー音です。7,000回転くらいまで回した時の です。 やっぱり低音重視でした。回した時の音を気にする人に は多分物足りないと思います。 私は出だし(1速)の力強い低音がとてもお気に入りで す。

Honda CB1100F Tribute
Here are some pictures of my Honda CB1100F -83 taken in August 2008 with a Pentax K10D. The location is the winter storage lot for small boats in Lomma, Sweden. The music is mood enhancer for a more powerfull feeling of love when looking at the video :D I have owned the bike since may -07 and I have put quite some money and time in it to make it more like i want it. Its hard to belive that it's got over 80kkm (50k miles) on the trip, aint it. Hope you like it! /Alexander

Keihin 33mm CR-Special Carbs
alot of carb ..listen to last part ..has mor cfm and need to roll on the gas to get afetrburners to glow or else you could blow out the spark(bog city)

WRR9: Riding the New Honda CB1100
This week we take a ride on a brand new Honda CB1100, a throwback retro machine with the beautiful fit and finish of a modern Honda motorcycle. After a fun filled dinner with the ADV crew, a few of us head up to the Moorseville Drag Strip to watch some cars, bikes, and trucks run the 1/8th mile. All in all - another fun night on two wheels!

HONDA CB1100 & KSY RACING PROJECT Short pipe maffler
モリワキにも負けてない! 安いからみんなも買おう!

everything about .

CB1100 Exhaust Sound

Officially New Honda CB1100 2010
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Honda "CB" line, we've developed the CB1100 as "the CB for a new era." The CB1100 is equipped with a simple, air-cooled, in-line four-cylinder engine, much in demand by experienced riders, and a design of functional elegance. Designed to please the most discerning veteran rider, we expect that the CB1100, featuring technologies chosen specifically for this model, will have a catalyzing effect on the sports bike segment in Japan.

Honda CB1100 promotional video
Official Honda CB1100 video

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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