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JW Speaker 6045 LED 4.5" Driving Lights Review and Demonstration

You can find more information, pictures and pricing here: http://www.tlg-auto.com/JW_Speaker_6045_LED_Driving_Lights_p/led-6045.htm JW Speaker Model number 6045 is a 4.5" LED driving light that is DOT approved and can be custom mounted almost anywhere. This video review shows the light output, wire configuration and provides a lot of details about this lighting product. Brought to you by Top Line Group Automotive: www.TLG-Auto.com


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JW Speaker 6045 4.5" Round LED Fog Light Review & Demo | Headlight Revolution
Chrome: http://www.headlightrevolution.com/JWSPEAKER_6045_chrome_p/jw-6045c.htm Black: http://www.headlightrevolution.com/JWSPEAKER_6045_black_p/jw-6045b.htm Today we give you a detailed review of the JW Speaker 6045 4.5" LED Fog light. We bring the light out to our test range to show you what the light looks like on the road. If you need adapters or mounting hardware we show you available options for your needs. Join the Revolution! If you like this video please give us a thumbs up and subscribe. If you have any questions at all please leave a comment!

Custom JW Speaker 8700 with Halos | Headlight Revolution
Click here to contact us for your custom 8700 orders: http://www.headlightrevolution.com/JWSPEAKER_8700_Custom_p/8700custom.htm In this video Chris explains the new custom fabricated JW Speaker 8700s with Halos in the housings from Headlight Revolution. You can contact us with your different custom fabricating needs with the JW Speaker #8700. We use the newest COB technology with GTR Lighting's Lightning series Halos. If you have any questions comment on this video. Join the Revolution! If you like what your watching and want to see more please subscribe and like us on Facebook. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeadlightRevolution?ref=hl

JW Speaker ts3000 Review and Demo | Headlight Revolution
JW speaker TS3000: http://www.headlightrevolution.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ts3000&Submit= In this product review and demo Chris shows you the JW Speaker TS3000 series LED Driving Lights. These lights are incredible, watch to see their performance. First he does an unboxing of the product and then he shows you the light up close. After that, he brings the lights out to our Headlight Revolution test range and shows them off. Join the Revolution! If you liked what you saw and want to see more LED or HID Automotive lighting reviews please subscribe to our channel to see more! Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeadlightRevolution?ref=hl

HID-XP6024 Starr HID 7" Round Projector Headlight Review
You can find even more information, and to purchase a set for yourself here: Chrome: http://www.headlightrevolution.com/Starr_HID_7_Headlights_Chrome_p/starr-xp 6024c.htm Black: http://www.headlightrevolution.com/Starr_HID_7_Headlights_Black_p/starr-xp6 024b.htm In this video we go through a lengthy review about the Starr HID XP6024, 7" Round HID Bi-Xenon headlight product. We show you what is included when you purchase the system, details about the individual products, and show you how to upgrade to different colors or ballast power. This is a great headlight because it fits MANY MANY vehicles, including Mercedes G500, Hummer H2, Jeep Wrangler, and older muscle cars like the Mustang and Chevelle. The greatest thing about this system is that is surpasses OEM quality in an aftermarket system. It is rare to find a headlight upgrade as nice as this one. Brought to you by Top Line Group Automotive: www.TLG-Auto.com

How to Make Turn Signal Arrow Light
How to Make Turn Signal Arrow Light If u Have any ? Please Post a Comment Below or Send me an Email to sasitharaan@gmail.com

J.W. Speaker's New XD Series LED Worklights - Torture Tested
J.W. Speaker Corporation's latest line of heavy-duty LED worklights, dubbed the "XD Series," features an innovative thermally-conductive polycarbonate housing design that not only improves performance, but also makes them incredibly durable. If you're skeptical that a polycarbonate housing can stand up to the rigors of a demanding worksite, don't miss this XD Series Torture Test video. We dropped, ran over, drilled, hammered, dunked, blow-torched, and sawed the XD Series lights in half...and they still stayed lit! For more information on the XD Series LED worklights from J.W. Speaker, please visit: http://www.jwspeaker.com/other/the-xd-series-led-worklights. Music by Aidan Byrne A Winters Design Production

JW Speaker 8900 LED 5x7 Headlight Review and Demo
For more info and pricing, click here: http://www.tlg-auto.com/JW_Speaker_8900_7x6_Headlights_p/led-8900.htm In this video we show you a detailed overview and demonstration of the JW Speaker 8900 LED headlight. This headlight housing is DOT approved and will replace any 5x7", 7x6", 200mm rectangular or H6054 sealed beam headlight. These headlights are probably the best on the market, but you will pay for the quality and warranty. These cost almost double what the Truck-Lite 5x7 LED headlights cost, but the J.W. Speaker brand lights are far better. Music: First song: Halo - One of One Second song: Gotye - Somebody I used to know (KDREW Remix)

JW Speaker 8700 Evolution LED 7" Round Headlight | Headlight Revolution
Black 8700: http://www.headlightrevolution.com/JWSPEAKER_8700_Black_p/jw-8700b.htm Chrome 8700: http://www.headlightrevolution.com/JWSPEAKER_8700_Chrome_p/jw-8700c.htm Anti-flicker Harness Module: http://www.headlightrevolution.com/Anti_Flicker_LED_Headlight_p/jw-capjk.ht m The JW Speaker 8700 is a remarkable light. Today we take a in-depth look at this great LED Headlight and show you every little thing this headlight is. You can see the beam pattern in our test field and on the wall to see what the light output looks like. If you want to see more Product reviews like this please Subscribe! Also if you have any questions about this light and/or have your own thoughts about it, please leave a comment below! Join the Revolution! Find us on facebook to see the latest in LED and HID Automotive lighting technology. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeadlightRevolution?ref=hl

2013 Mazda3 vs Jeep Wrangler Snowstorm Winter Tire Mashup Test
( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Mazda3 and the new Jeep Wrangler don't have a lot on common. In fact they are about as different as two cars can be. The Jeep Wrangler is an old school body on frame off-road behemoth while the Mazda3 is a perky small run about. So which one of these is better in the snow? We decided to find out in another fun and interesting TFLcar mashup test. To make it a fair contest we of course got a set of dedicated snow tires for the front-wheel-drive Mazda but kept the stock set of all season tires on the 4X4 Jeep. To make it even more fair we kept the jeep Wrangler in two-wheel-drive and headed to Lick Skillet Road (America's steepest country Road) in a snowstorm. So which of these two cars conquered the Colorado Mountain road? You'll have to watch this video to find out.

JW Speaker 8630 5.75" Round LED Headlight Demo and Review
For more pricing and info, click this link: http://www.tlg-auto.com/JW_Speaker_8630_p/led-8630.htm The 8630 is the 5.75" or 6" round LED headlight from JW Speaker, made in America with a 4 year warranty, there is no other headlight (this size) that is better than this one! Watch the video and see for yourself! Fits many motorcycles and some cars/trucks. Also available is a universal application bracket.

JW Speaker 8700 LED Headlights
Tired of the crappy JK headlights? Well this is the answer to your headlight problems. JW Speaker has released its 8700 Evolution Plug and Play LED headlights that are DOT Approved. The install is simple and will only take you a few seconds to complete one of the most worthwhile upgrades on your rig. For more information or technical specs please visit www.jwspeaker.com Director: Scott Martin Host: Brian Carr Camera operator 1: David Wallace Camera operator 2/ Sound: Joshua Nix

How to Install LED Logo Projectors in a BRZ & FR-S | BRZ FR-S Video Series (11)
http://tlg-auto.com/ Today Chris shows off a few of many of the GTR Lighting LED Logo Projectors that we have to offer and we have an in depth tutorial on how to install these logo projectors in your Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S. If you like what you see please like this video and subscribe to see more videos for 2 seat rear wheel drive sport cars.

GTR Lighting DRL Product Review and Demonstration
Link to the switchback DRL at TLG-Auto.com: http://www.tlg-auto.com/Switchback_LED_DRL_p/7010105.htm In this video we showcase the GTR Lighting Amber/White Switchback DRL and the High Power 5-LED Daytime Running light products. The Switchback isn't as bright, but the functionality of it makes it a really great product. The all-white high power DRL is great because it looks nice and puts out a lot of light for less than $100. Brought to you by Top Line Group Automotive: www.TLG-Auto.com

Quadratec: Truck-Lite LED Headlamps Installation
For more information about Truck-Lite LED Headlamps, click here: http://www.quadratec.com/vendor/Truck-Lite/ Our most advanced headlamp upgrade features a solid state bulb-free design for a brighter, crisper and whiter light output that's closer to the color temperature of actual daylight. Our lamps kits are worth every penny, and are guaranteed to deliver dramatic improvements of light projection distance and overall visibility. Lenses have a unique black out appearance during daylight hours bringing smart styling and function to an unprecedented level. The rugged construction starts with a die-cast aluminum housing and crystal clear polycarbonate lenses for optimum protection against impacts. The solid state electronics and powerful light emitting diodes are protected by water tight epoxy seals and advanced surge protection. These drop-in replacements take only minutes to install and require no modifications. The low and high beam light sources are powered by just two LEDs. The lamp's top half illuminates the low beam and high beam is full illumination. When properly mounted, these lamps exceed DOT and federal motor vehicle safety standards and are approved for highway use in all 50 states. Made in the USA!

JW Speaker 8700 7" Round LED Headlight Review and Demonstration
For more information, pictures and pricing, please visit this link: http://www.tlg-auto.com/product_p/led-8700.htm In this video we review the old style of JW Speaker's 7" round headlight housing, model #8700. We show you how it's packaged, the construction, the output and how it compares to another popular LED headlight. Brought to you by Top Line Group Automotive: www.TLG-Auto.com

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