DsmClubFinland meet 28.5.2005

First official meeting between few dsmcf members. Video camera didn't like the sun too much, so most of the time too much white..

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DsmClubFinland @ Alastaro Race Track '06
Dsmcf arranged for the first time, a day at the Alastaro racing track for it's members and other friends. 1/4 mile racing and lap driving.

DsmClubFinland @ 100+ Motorshow
Dsmcf had three cars on display, at 100+ Motorshow in Tampere Finland 2006. This clip is made from still pics + video that was made with still camera so it sucks. And pictures are from the car show before the show, in the area preparing cars, making them shine etc...etc.. Dsm cars on display: - 2g Eagle Talon ESi - 2g Eclipse GS-T - 1g Eclipse GS

DSM Meet Hungary
DSM Meet Hungary

DSM meet 20060401
dsm meet campona