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2011 Horton Hustler 5X8 Open Utility Trailer

this is one of the Horton Utility trailers. it is equiped with a 4ft ramp, 15inch tires, treated wood floor, boxed lights, 3500lb dexter ez lube axle and a swivel jack for easy un hooking.


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My custom ATV trailer. Good tips, tricks and advice on trailers!!!
This is my Tractor Supply trailer that I have modified to better suit my purposes. I mostly haul a 2005 ATV King Quad on this. But have used it to move some folks too. I pull this behind my 2008 Hyundai Accent. I have almost quit using the 1 inch tie down straps and have gone to the 2 inch ratchet straps. The 2 inch ratchet straps are cheap to buy and are much better for everything. Inspect your trailer at least once a year. At least grease the bearing once a year. Keep a spare tire on it. And over-do everything on your trailer, I see too many trailers that are "death traps" for the rest of us on the roads!! The only thing left that I am going to do is "upgrade" to LED trailer lights. Be smart and you won' t have trouble or be trouble to the rest of the folks on the road!!

Echo Trailer Last Six Mistakes 1-800-611-4379
echo trailers http://www.echotrailers.com/tool%20box%20w%20gas%20rack.html ) POWDER COATED • 2" COUPLER • NON-SLIP METAL DECK • TIE DOWN LOOPS • 3500 lb SPRING AXLE • RECESSED D.O.T. LIGHTING • LIGHTED LICENSE PLATE BRACKET • HEAVY DUTY A FRAME TONGUE • 15" X 80" LONG LOADING RAMPS • SWIVEL TONGUE JACK • 14" TIRES • GREASEABLE SPINDLES • ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTION My echo 3 place trailer is a great compliment to our new toys. The long loading ramps that secure to the sides are wonderful, my wife can even load her bike on the trailer without being nervous about going up a steep ramp. The trailer also tows awesome, the short tongue make the trailer track almost directly behind when turning which is great when in town or on trails. I am very glad that we chose this trailer, so much that we already need a bigger one and I think one of your 4 place trailers will be finding a place in my driveway.I love my Echo Elite Trailer. I will carry all 4 of my big Grizzly's on this 3 place Trailer. There is not another trailer out there that can compare to this trailer. When I told Echo trailers that I could fit 4 big Grizzly's on there 14' 3place atv trailer. They didn't believe me, so I brought it down to show them. This is my second Echo trailer and I love the new improvements they have made. They have thought of everything. I was satisfied and recommend the echo trailer for superior quality and unique features. This is what I can fit on my trailer. 1 - 650 Yamaha Grizzly 2 - 450 Yamaha Grizzly's 1 - 350 Yamaha Grizzly All of which is loaded up with accessories John L. Ford Jr.

Replace wood on Utility Trailer - no welding
This is a step by step description of how I changed the wood on my Parker Utility trailer. Sorry if it's long, but I wanted to cover all the steps. I couldn't find any decent instructions on how to do it myself, so I created this video for others in the same situation. My trailer deck is 54 inches (4.5 ft) by 96 inches (8 ft), so the lumber needs to total 53.5 inches by 95 inches. I bought pressure treated lumber: five 2x10x8 and one 2x6x8 (I incorrectly say "2x8x8" a few times), all cut to 95 inches. The project took a few hours, but I made some mistakes. It cost less than $100 and I completed it all by myself with basic hand and some power tools.

The Sportsman Trailer for ATV & Side by Side vehicls! On Road and Off Road in One trailer!
The Sportsman Trailer by Hunters Advantage - a new and better solution Built solid to take the beating! 440 lbs of US Steel which makes this trailer almost 3 times the weight and strength of a typical single axle utility trailer! Built by certified D.O.T. maker NATM Certified (National Assoc of Trailer Manufacturers) MADE IN THE USA by Veterans!! 2 year overal and 10 year structual warranty Built just wide enough for all models of ATV The Bow of teh trailer lets you pull through obstacles, stumps, heavy brush The expanded metal deck lets you ford streams and never have to worry about rust building up on the corners! Painted with 4 coats and the best Automotive paint Custom colors are available Comes standard in a basic grey rich@keefetruck.com 866 433 7424

Flaman Trailers - 2011 Spring Utility Trailer Lineup
Steve Whittington taking us through the Flaman Trailers 2011 Spring Utility Trailer Lineup!

Ramp Gate Transition Lip on a PJ Utility Trailer
Video of a Bad Boy Outlaw XP 852cc mower being loaded on to a PJ Trailer. This video features the new gate transition lip available on all PJ utility trailers. This makes loading any small wheel vehicles or equipment on to a utility trailer very easy. Learn more at: http://www.pjtrailers.com/trailers/utility/

Utility Trailer Project.wmv
I bought this trailer from Craigs List for $300. I sand blasted the surface rust, treated it with Rust-oleum, primed and painted it. I added 2 ft. rails all the way around. I Installed LED tail lights, trailer jack, and heavy-duty logging safety chains. Painted with gloss black oil-based, enamel paint. Applied red/silver reflective tape and amber marker lights. I also have a dual receiver hitch which mounts the 10,000 lb. winch (from Harbor Freight) and the trailer at the same time. I have about $650 invested and the trailer should be valued at approx. $1,300. All tools are from Harbor Freight.

Firewood Log Trailer
log trailer with load/unload capability.

XRT - Extreme Road & Trail ATV Trailer
XRT Road Legal...Trail Tough. Load your ATV, get to your destination and pull the trailer with your ATV.

Homemade Cargo/Utility Trailer
re-uploaded with a different audio track... A trailer I built with some help from Frank, Lydia, and Kitchy. Its not finished yet and this isnt all the video I have but I can only do 10 min at a time, I may have some more later on after I have the money to get it finished and weatherproofed

Utility Trailer- Adding A Gate
Here is a look at my trailer and some custom touches. The links during the video and here will take you to other videos of this trailer. Video of hinges - http://youtu.be/a4rL5d9gKYA Video of trailer - http://youtu.be/ZtSsJ4jddLo I have used AMSOIL in the past and really liked it. Recently I decided to become an AMSOIL dealer for two reasons: 1. To make some extra cash, 2. To get discounts on my oil so I can keep my ATV and dirt bikes in great condition. If you are looking for AMSOIL or looking to make some money, CHECKOUT MY WEBSITE! The website carries everything from vehicle oil, 2 stroke oil, 4 stroke oil, brake fluid, filters and much more. Sign-up to be a dealer or preferred customer and you can also get the discounted prices. Use my reference number - 5176857 Thanks Jeremy (BigJermsGarage) http://www.lubedealer.com/bigjermsgarage

5x8 Pace Utility Trailer Review
This is what I use to move my tractors, thought you all might enjoy

I just installed my Elegator Trailer Gate Spring Assist on my 20' Landscape Trailer with 72" tall gate. This is the best gate assist on the market- no cables to fray or plastic to replace every year. I tried Gorilla lift assist on several trailer and wasn't impressed. Elegator is much smoother and easier to lift trailer gates with. I highly recommend this product.

How to build Utility Trailer sides
Tutorial on how to build sides for a utility trailer. Using pressure treated plywood I show you how to enclose your trailer with 2x4's and stake clamps. This is a Harbor Freight Trailer I built 4 years ago which I use to haul motorcycles. I also use this trailer for dump runs and I got tired of having to strap things down so they wouldn't fall off on my way there. These trailers are extremely versatile and adding these sides makes it even more so. I do not own a pickup truck and actually tow this thing with my RSX. It really comes in handy and is an excellent alternative to a pickup truck.

4x8 Foldable Utility Trailer
Easy to store foldable trailer. To buy this trailer go to this CL link: https://accounts.craigslist.org/post/shwpst?pii=1811298126&db=lv

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