2011 Horton Hustler 5X8 Open Utility Trailer

this is one of the Horton Utility trailers. it is equiped with a 4ft ramp, 15inch tires, treated wood floor, boxed lights, 3500lb dexter ez lube axle and a swivel jack for easy un hooking.

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Ramp Gate Transition Lip on a PJ Utility Trailer
Video of a Bad Boy Outlaw XP 852cc mower being loaded on to a PJ Trailer. This video features the new gate transition lip available on all PJ utility trailers. This makes loading any small wheel vehicles or equipment on to a utility trailer very easy. Learn more at: http://www.pjtrailers.com/trailers/utility/

ATV TRAILERS FACTORY DIRECT http://www.echotrailers.com/tool%20box%20w%20gas%20rack.html ) POWDER COATED • 2" COUPLER • NON-SLIP METAL DECK • TIE DOWN LOOPS • 3500 lb SPRING AXLE • RECESSED D.O.T. LIGHTING • LIGHTED LICENSE PLATE BRACKET • HEAVY DUTY A FRAME TONGUE • 15" X 80" LONG LOADING RAMPS • SWIVEL TONGUE JACK • 14" TIRES • GREASEABLE SPINDLES • ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTION . This trailer will load: 3 ATV's 1 UTV (Polaris Ranger or Yamaha Rino ) & 1 ATV Our most popular trailer we have. Home Link to Echo Trailers: http://www.echotrailers.com/index.html Office # 1-800-611-4379 Cell # 801-433-8085 Thanks Mark

5 x 10 Custom Made Utility Trailer For Sale
http://wichita.craigslist.org/for/1515311607.html This is a custom made 5 x 10 foot utility trailer for sale on Craig's List. Click on the link to see the ad.

Installing wood on a mesh bottom 5x8 trailer
This is a short video of my process of putting lumber onto my new 5 x 8 mesh bottom utility trailer. I do not claim to know it all or say this is the best or only way, I just thought I would share my process and trials. I was looking for videos on this before I started my project and found very little, therefore I made a video. I bought this trailer at Tractor Supply on sale for $599, normally $699. It has 13 inch tires vs. other places that sell the same trailer for the same $699 price with 12 inch tires. I used 1 x 6 x 8 treated lumber, used 3/8" - 2" long zinc carriage bolts, fender washers (bigger than the mesh holes), lock washers and regular nuts that fit my bolts. I had a little problem initially using carriage bolts and ny-lock nuts--the problem was resolved with the above hardware. All in all, this took 2 hours tops to do, and around $75 for the lumber and hardware, which absolutely beats buying one with wood already installed. One thing I will say about my choice in wood--I used 1" thick wood because I didn't want to add too much weight to the trailer. Also, when drilling your holes, a good trick we used that I forgot to show was to clamp a 2x4 or similar perpendicular across the wood to hold it in place while drilling, so your wood doesn't move in the time of drilling or hammering your bolts in. Just food for thought. Feel free to add professional, helpful comments or suggestions. Rude and tacky comments will be deleted.