Cotton's Performance 8.36@167

Brian Cotton making the 1st pass off the trailer with our V6 turbo TType at Cecil County with the Pumpkin. This is a new record setting pass for our car. You can see me, a concerned father watching his son make his fastest pass ever.. a proud father, I can also tell you my wife Lorrie was just as proud and emotional as I was watching from the other side of the track. A big thank you to Richie R from a great video shot , thanks so much!!

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Quick tour of Cottons Performance Center! | Fastest Grand Nationals!
We met up with Gio and cruised over to Cottons Performance where JC went to talk about getting some custom parts fabricated, though he will probably not be going through with some things he initially planned due to alot of factors haha, it was awesome to be able to hang out and look around his shop. Seeing so many Grand Nationals in one area was insane. Brian is a great guy and hopefully we''ll be in touch eventually when the time comes to get crazy with a build ;] Hope you guys enjoy this quick walk around of their shop and have a great day! Make sure to Subscribe for new content, and follow the crew on Instagram! @flat_4_Crew @10leggygt @italianlegacy36r Cottons Performance Information: 105 Walnut St, Agawam, MA 01001

Sleeper 98mm Turbo Buick Goes 8.0 & more Turbo Buicks racing
Check out this unassuming Regal T-Type blast off a 8.0 pass and watch the bonus videos for more turbo Buicks getting down the track.

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Supra VS GN GN Gets Spanked After Installing a COTTONS Performance CPT 70/turbonetics turbo

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