Lit Motors unveils all-electric, fully enclosed motorcycle

Lit Motors CEO Daniel Kim wants to reinvent the motorcycle as we know it today. His idea? To design and manufacture a fully enclosed, two-wheeled motorcycle that runs purely on electric. SmartPlanet gets an exclusive first look at the C1-concept vehicle and its patented gyroscopic stability technology that helps prevent it from tipping over.

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A Motorcycle that Can Change the Industry !
A San Francisco start-up has developed a car that could be a game changer for the auto industry. Lit Motors' C-1 bridges the gap between a car and a motorcycle, providing the safety of a car without the high ongoing costs of ownership. Because the vehicle is electric, commuting costs are negligible: "You can get to work and back for less than 50 cents a day,"

Toyota to rent out electric three wheelers to reduce pollution
Japan's Toyota Motors Corporation is set to rent out its "i-Road" electric three-wheelers starting from Friday (April 10) in a bid to reduce pollution in Tokyo. Drivers can pick up one of the five cars at one location, but can drop it off at five other locations in the city. Select locations will have i-ROAD charging stations. This service is a partnership between Toyota and Park 24, which operates parking lots all across Japan. The three-wheeler is 2.3-metre (7.5 feet) long and 87 cm wide (2.85 feet). Although it resembles a motorbike, the one-seater requires a car license instead of a motorcycle license. Its top speed is 60 kilometres (37 miles) per hour. "There is the enjoyment of riding a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Second, the fact that it is small leads to easy parking and turns. Third, it's very comfortable to ride compared with a motorcycle. Those qualities I mentioned are more valuable in metropolitan areas with high population density, especially the fact that it's small," Toyota Motors Corp Sports Vehicle Management Division Group Manager Akihiro Yanaka said. "The concept of i-Road is that it has the qualities of a bike. It's easy to make small, quick turns, and it doesn't take a lot of space when parking. On the other hand, it has the comfort of a regular car, where you can drive it in the rain and without a helmet. Those without driving skills can drive it with stability. It's something that has both qualities, and is safe and fun to drive in the city, and that was the idea we began this project with," Yanaka added. The service will begin on Friday and is currently scheduled to end on September 30. For more news and videos visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ Add us on Facebook ☛

Honda 3R-C Concept
This revolutionary three wheeled battery electric vehicle concept shows what a future minimal urban transport vehicle for one person might look like. The battery electric drivetrain is mounted low in the three wheeled chassis, therefore keeping the centre of gravity low and thus improving stability. For more automotive news: Follow us on Facebook: For the latest motorsport news: Follow Automotive Tv on Facebook

Motorcycle Briefcase made by Honda!!!
I think Tony Stark has one of these as well. mykarz: "...those scooters actually came as an optional accessory with i think it was a civic or accord in like 82-83. They were built to specifically fit in the trunk of that car, which is pretty cool in my opinion.  Only however many cars that were sold in that time span that had those scooters added, are how many of those that exist. Its a super rare little scooter, so you're lucky to see one."