Lit Motors unveils all-electric, fully enclosed motorcycle

Lit Motors CEO Daniel Kim wants to reinvent the motorcycle as we know it today. His idea? To design and manufacture a fully enclosed, two-wheeled motorcycle that runs purely on electric. SmartPlanet gets an exclusive first look at the C1-concept vehicle and its patented gyroscopic stability technology that helps prevent it from tipping over.

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Tesla previews sedan, promises speeds faster than a Porsche
During a preview event at Tesla Motors' Fremont, California factory, CEO Elon Musk offers a closer glimpse and test drives of the 4-door Model S. Find out what makes the all-electric sedan a safer, faster, more spacious and comfortable ride.

The Future Of... Composting
Take a closer look at your trash before you toss it. Can it go in your compost pile? It's not just for food and yard trimmings any more. One day, you may be able to throw most of your car parts in a compost bin. SmartPlanet correspondent Sumi Das explains.

iPhone app and case makes sure your phone is never left behind
There are iPhone cases for the fashionable, the hip and the accident-prone. Now there's one for the absent-minded. Kensington has created an app & case combo that alerts you once you've strayed too far from your precious smartphone. SmartPlanet's Sumi Das tests out the BungeeAir.

Solar suitcase supplies electricity to developing-world hospitals
After witnessing women in desperate conditions delivering babies in African hospitals, Dr. Laura Stachel knew she needed to help. She and Hal Aronson have designed a solar kit that is portable and permanent and can provide electricity during labor and birth.