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Cars you didn't know existed Part II
This is the second video of cars you didn't know existed. this time all video and no pictures. enjoy and comment. please subscribe

Maybach 62 Test Drive (And Ride!) with Chris Moran
http://www.SupercarNetwork.com An in-depth review of the 2005 Maybach 62 with Chris Moran Maybach was one of the world's most exquisite nameplates in the 1920s and '30s. The original company was founded by Karl Maybach — the son of Wilhelm Maybach, who developed the first Mercedes. Some people were surprised when Maybachs returned in the form of two closely related, all-new ultraluxury sedans. Each posh sedan is filled with nearly every sort of comfort and convenience feature offered in a motorcar. Ostensibly a product of DaimlerChrysler, Mercedes-Benz's parent company, the modern-day Maybach is actually considered a make of its own. Maybachs come in two sizes: the regular Type 57 and the extended-length Type 62. Each model designation indicates the car's length in meters: 5.73 for the Type 57 and 6.17 for the Type 62. Special features include electronic braking and an Airmatic Dual Control air suspension. A rearview parking-assist camera is available in the 2005 model. Standard equipment now includes Robbe & Berking beverage flutes and a handcrafted Dunhill Collection umbrella. Standard Sirius Satellite Radio includes a lifetime subscription. Only one or two Maybachs per day are built at a state-of-the-art facility in Germany. Mercedes-Benz dealers must sign separate agreements to sell them. Exterior According to the manufacturer, Maybach styling balances classic and avant-garde features. The doors, hood and fenders are made of aluminum. Maybach says a primary goal was to deliver an "entirely new definition of first class." Twelve body colors are available, and two-tone paint schemes may be specified. Bi-xenon headlights are standard. The regular-size Type 57 is 225.3 inches long overall, uses a 133.5-inch wheelbase and rides on 19-inch tires. A standard power-closing feature pulls the door shut from the first detent position. Interior As many as 100 items inside the Maybach are trimmed with exotic woods. Buyers can mix options with the immense standard-equipment list in numerous combinations. Available accessories include a luggage set, a sterling silver champagne goblet, a humidor, a golf bag and a fluffy travel rug. Buyers may choose from six Grand Nappa leather colors and three types of wood. All four standard seats are heated, and active seat ventilation is available. Occupants can luxuriate in reclining rear seats. A television with a 9.5-inch TFT flat screen includes a DVD player. Interior features also include four-zone climate control with two air-conditioning units, a refrigerated compartment, a cordless phone with two handsets and a 21-speaker Bose Dolby sound system. Each sedan also has the Tele Aid emergency communication system and the Comand integrated control system, which are available for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Under the Hood Breathing with the assistance of twin turbochargers, the 5.5-liter V-12 produces 550 horsepower and 663 pounds-feet of torque. It teams with a five-speed-automatic transmission. Maybach claims the Type 57 can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. Safety Ten airbags, including two adaptive front airbags, four side-impact airbags, and front and rear side curtain-type airbags, are installed.

World's Best SuperCars 2013 dub cars (modified beauties)
this car show took place in japan with modified super cars from all over the world most from U.A.E Dubai and japanese worlds most surprisingly amazing cars !! Subscribe and Share it with your friends

World's Best Super Cars in London with Best Accelerations!
My photography page : http://www.flickr.com/photos/68269956@N02/

Tuning Show

Yorkshire Modified Car Show 2013 @ Pickering Showground - Highlights!
On the 9th of June, i went to the annual Yorkshire Modified Car Show, held at the Pickering Showground, around 20 miles north of York. The car show had some of the finest modified cars, that Yorkshire can offer, which included some real beauties including Muscle cars such as the Dodge Coronet, Mustang JCD GT550 E and Mustang GT, Euro cars including heavily tuned Focus RS's, XK8's and VW's galore Then there was the massive amount of JDM cars, including Skyline R34's, Supras, FD RX-7's, a huge amount of Evolution's from IV to X and even a Modified Toyota Hiace/lexus Van. An amazing show no doubt. I hope you watch the mash-up of clips i managed to capture at this event. Feel free to comment, what is, my longest video i've ever created. Check out GTRJacko on... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/GTRJacko/162644963761061 It's own Website: http://www.gtrjacko.weebly.com Another Website: http://www.automobilefans.weebly.com Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gtrjacko/ Exotic Spotter: http://www.exoticspotter.com/members/GTRJacko Autogespot: http://www.autogespot.com/nl/viewcars.php?spotter=GTRJacko Twitter: http://twitter.com/#GTRJacko ©GTRJacko

Modified Car Audio Championship 2013
http://Facebook.com/ModifiedShow Twitter/Instagram @BryanTheCEO Please check out my sponsors: CT Sounds http://www.ct-sounds.com Lenso Wheels https://www.facebook.com/WheelsInternational?fref=ts Juanky Built http://juankybuilt.com Sound Solutions Audio http://ssaudio.com/ XS Power http://4xspower.com/ Donkboard http://donkboard.com/ Crescendo Audio http://crescendoaudio.com/ Excessive Amperage http://www.excessiveamperage.com/ Incriminator Audio http://www.incriminatoraudio.com/ Fi Car Audio http://Ficaraudio.com Sparkles Details http://SparkesDetails.com PSI Car Audio http://PSIcaraudio.com Fix My Speaker.com http://FixMySpeaker.com Toolmakers http://toolmakermetalworkz.com Slamfest http://www.facebook.com/SLAMFESTNGAINEVILLEFL Ampere Audio https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ampere-Audio/532907673421333 Woofer Warehouse http://www.wooferwarehouse.com/ Xplicit Audio http://www.xplicitaudio.com/ Ultimate Audio Fabrication http://uafproducts.com/ Music: Title: Derelict Ship Artist: MachinimaSound (https://machinimasound.com) License: http://goo.gl/dhsjy Title: Chrome Artist: DOLĆE (https://soundcloud.com/dolce) License: http://goo.gl/gxYmp Title: Fly Away Artist: Crystal Drop (https://soundcloud.com/crystaldrop) License: http://goo.gl/gxYmp

Exotic,Muscle and tuner tuned cars
These are best tuned cars ever tuned my favorites are Nissan's GT-R and there are other cars too like Porsche,Mazda,Hyundai,Mitsubishi,Mercedes and Chrysler rate 5 and subscribe please

OFFICIAL Top 10 Fastest Production Cars In The World 2013-2014 UPDATED V6.0
Hello! Loucam08 here. Here's my new edition of T10FPCITW. It took my quite a lot of time to do this - 5 days in fact - so this isn't just a quickly thrown together powerpoint like /watch?v=VNQv6v_T_LU (trollface) I have to admit I have been a bit optimistic with the previous version, by listing modified cars and cars that probably will never exist. But fear not! That's why I made this video. Just in case you think some of these cars don't exist, I've got sources for this video. This video has a very soulful touch that only the biggest car enthusiasts will feel. This video has a sense of emotion about it. Even though I have no idea what I going on about, you may feel it. Probably not, but there's a chance.

The Worlds best car tuning disasters and engine failures II - Caught on tape
Wow its tuning disaster II Time More of the webs greatest tuning and high performance engine failures -- you can push and you can push your tuning, but sooner or later some things gonna blow Top 30 all-time tuning failures - close your eyes and watch through your fingers this is very scary stuff, more breaking engines and bank balances. www.viezu.com ECU remapping and car tuning at its best. Car tuning training, software, tools and equipment. Whatever your tuning needs we are here to help. Insured, guaranteed and custom tuning for over 3000 different vehicles, tuning for power, performance, fuel economy, motorsport and carbon reduction -- Tune with the best and mail us at info@viezu.com. For all car tuning training, ecu remapping and car tuning courses and classes see our technical academy www.remap101.com

Pimped Cars
This is a video i made a long time ago of cool looking cars. Alot of you want the name of the song well it comes up at the end of the movie if u would just LOOK. 8-) SONG: Dj Boyler Keep On Moving :)

Top 10 Countries with the Most Expensive Police Cars
Top 10 Countries with the Most Expensive Police Cars. Thanks For Watching. Please Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment. Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music In movies that glamorize crime groups or similar illegal activities, there will almost always be scenes when the police seem helpless in giving chase to suspects running away from the scene. In real life, this would not happen in places where the cops have access to some of the fastest cars in the world. Super cars are not necessarily the domains of the rich and famous; there are police forces that have these vehicles as well. Here are the top 10 countries with the most expensive police cars. Ever wondered what happens to the money you pay to the Police when you get a ticket? Here's the ultimate battle of Police supercars worldwide. There are many police cars in the world, but these countries have added a few of the most expensive to their collection. Although they are not widely used, they are on patrol and busting speeders all over the world. Here is a list of the most expensive cop cars around the globe and of course Dubai tops the list with their new additions of the Ferrari FF, Mercedes SLS AMG, and Bentley Continental Coupe. Welcome to Dubai: Site of the world's fastest and most expensive cop cars! If you plan on trying to outrun the police in Dubai, get ready to receive a 200+mph pass directly to jail. The Dubai police force is adding a glittering assortment of exotic cars to its fleet, including an Aston Martin One-77 hyper-car that costs approximately $1.4 million per copy. The Dubai police fleet is getting bigger, faster, and even more ridiculously expensive. Apparently a $450,000 Lamborghini Aventador was only the beginning, because the list of on-duty exotic cars in this millionaires' playground has recently grown to include Bentleys, Ferraris, and a $1.4 million Aston Martin supercar. The Dubai police force has unveiled what is thought to be the world's most expensive patrol car - a specially modified $550,000 (£359,000) Lamborghini Aventador, capable of speeds up to 217mph. In a city of boundless bling even the police are now in on the act with the 700-hp vehicle that can do 0-60 in a staggering three seconds. The sports car, painted in green-and-white colors of the Dubai force, will not likely be roaring after law breakers.The sports car capable of speeds up to 217mph is being introduced in the oil-rich emirate as part of an extravagant overhaul of police vehicles. The Lamborghini Aventador, decorated in the Dubai force's green and white colours, is thought to be the most expensive police car in the world.But they are unlikely to risk using it in car chases, instead using it mainly for show in popular tourist areas. Top 10. Lambo. SamOscarz21.Most Expensive.

mahmoud design .modified cerato coup.wmv
1-متور 2400cc بتاع السيراتو ايضا و لكن اللى فى امريكا, و طبعا فيها مثبت السرعه و مانع الانزلاق esp 2- الجنوط زى انتوا ما شايفين 17 و فى صور جنوط 18 اللى هى ورده او متفرعه . 3- الفرامل :2d اللى فهمته انها لازم تتعمل فرامل شديده زى دى عشان العربيه بقت سريعه اوى فلازم يبقى فيها فرامل تقدر تسيطر عليها زى دى, لان اللى فيها القديمه مش هتعمل حاجه مع السرعه الشديده الجديده عليها و لانها مصممه على اد الموتور 1600 فقط . 4- الفلتر : مش فاكر نوعه اه بس هو عامله cai , لو تلاحظوا انه فعلا بالشكل اللى فى الصور لازم يجيب هوا ساقع طبعا . 5- العفشه : ودى بقى اللى مش فاهم ازاى عملها كده (هو قالى ان العفشه الجديده دى بتنعم و تنشف و تعلى و تهبط) انا بصراحه مش فاهم , هو قالى سهله بتتظبط من الكبوت بتاع العربيه عادى من غير مجهود.....؟؟؟ 6-الشكل الخارجى:طبعا مفيم الزجاج بفاميه ملون و حرارى فى نفس الوقت, و راشش الجنوط احمر(على فكره اللى عنده كوبيه ممكن يفك الجزء الفضى لانه بلاستيك و يبقى الجنط كله اسود من غير رش) شاشه lcd فى الشبكه الاماميه بريموت تكتب اسمك او اى كلام انت عايزه فى حاجه كده فى الشبكه زى المروحه بيقولى بتدخل هوا على الفلتر سريع و ساقع و كمان بتعمل صوت جميل طبعا الفوانيس الاماميه و الخلفيه فيها سخانات و فانوس الاشاره الامامى مرشوش اسود من جوا .و رينجات و عدسات. طبعا كاربون على الكبوت و عند الشبكه و عند الفوجات كمان الاسبويلر الجامد زى بتاع المتسوبيشى الايفوليوشن طبعا الابواب بتفتح لفوق وش الموتور القديم ال 1600 كان مرشوش احمر و سلفر نيكل من تحت بحيث يبقى 3 الوان اسود فى احمر فى نيكل. شكل منظر للتربو موضوع فى الشبكه الاماميه من اسفل 7-هو عامل تعديل فى الشكمان مش فاهمه بيعمل صوت التربو بالظبط (هو مغيرش الشكمان و لا ركب ديفل, هو مجرد عمله زى ماسوره المسدس "الشخشنه,او الششخنه"مش فاكر) و يا رب يكون مجهودى و تعبى وصل ليكوا و استفدتوا بيه زى ما انا استفدت كتير منكوا قبل كده. اسم الشخص اللى معدل العربيه هو محمود ديزاين .

The Best Modified Cars 2
My second and better video on the best modified cars. enjoy. Swedish House Mafia - One (The Prototype Remix)

Ugliest Cars V2: The Top 30
Thanks to your input & further research, i can now present V2: The Top 30

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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