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Novo FORD Cargo 2012

Veja o vídeo de lançamento da linha CARGO 2012. Para maiores informações, acesse: www.amigosdasuaestrada.com.br . Se você estiver interessado em comprar ou conhecer o caminhão e residir na região do Vale do Paraíba, nos contate no www.valecaminhoes.com.br .


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Suzane Carvalho testa o caminhão mais pesado da Ford, o Novo Cargo 1932 que tem capacidade para transportar até 31 toneladas.

Caminhoes top
caminhoes e carretas q alimentam o nosso brazil,para galera q curti

caminhoes tuning

2012 Ford C-MAX
INDUSTRY-FIRST, HANDS-FREE LIFTGATE FROM FORD OFFERS REAL KICK FOR CUSTOMERS WITH PACKAGES - Ford introduces an industry-first hands-free liftgate that allows customers to quickly and easily unlock and open the rear hatch even when their hands are full - With the key fob in the owner's possession, a gentle leg motion below the center of the rear bumper activates sensors that cue the system to unlock and raise the rear liftgate - The hands-free liftgate will debut in the seven-passenger C-MAX crossover, being shown at the 2011 North American International Auto Show DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 20, 2010 -- Gesture or motion technology employed in today's video game systems is coming to the new seven-passenger Ford C-MAX crossover, designed with families in mind. "In the new C-MAX, customers no longer need to set their packages down or fumble to locate their keys to open the rear hatch, especially when their hands are full," said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Global Product Development. "The hands-free liftgate allows them to easily and quickly open the cargo area with one simple leg motion." The hands-free liftgate debuts on the Ford C-MAX, which is being shown at the 2011 North American International Auto Show. The C-MAX can seat up to seven and is a popular model in Europe because of its clever combination of style, versatility and fuel efficiency. Enabled by Intelligent Access with push-button start The hands-free liftgate is enabled by Intelligent Access with push-button start. This technology allows customers to unlock and start their vehicles without ever having to take out the key. When the key fob is in their possession -- kept in a pocket, coat, purse or briefcase -- a simple pull on the door handle unlocks the vehicle. Once inside the vehicle, the driver simply holds down the brake pedal and presses the power button to start the vehicle. In conjunction with the Intelligent Access system, there are two sensors located in the rear bumper. One detects the shin and the other detects the leg motion to enable the hands-free liftgate. The customer simply needs to possess the Intelligent Access key fob and gently wave his or her foot under the bumper to operate the feature. Additionally, the liftgate height can be programmed or adjusted manually to meet specific customer needs. "We recognize that the C-MAX customer usually has his or her hands full. Whether carrying packages while holding a young child's hand or carrying bags full of groceries, the hands-free liftgate will make their lives a whole lot easier," said Wendy King, C-MAX brand manager. The combination of the system detecting the key fob and leg motion is necessary to unlock and open the liftgate and safeguards against any accidental opening. "Animals running under the car, hitting a bump on the road or similar unintended gestures won't trigger the liftgate to open," said Michael Becker, systems engineer. "This is one smart feature." As with other technology Ford has developed, the hands-free liftgate is a customer-focused solution, like SYNC® and EcoBoost™, which can be implemented in other vehicles around the globe. "The arrival of the hands-free liftgate on the new C-MAX is just the beginning for this technology," said Kuzak. "Customers soon will see this same technology roll out across our broader portfolio of vehicles."

Novo Ford Cargo - Producao

Ford Cargo 2012 - Entrevista
Novos Cargos 2012: linha completa numa nova geração - Em uma ação inédita a Ford Caminhões apresenta uma linha completa com 11 caminhões que substitui toda a gama atual. Confira matéria completa: http://www.mecanicaonline.com.br/2011/03+marco/04+truck/ford+cargo+2012.php

Ford Cargo 2428 do Rafael
Ford Cargo 2428 ultrapassando um 1620, e dois Constellation!


Vídeo de um Fiat Uno Mille Elx 1995
Vídeo de um Fiat Uno Mille Elx 1995 numa visão geral.

Agrale na FENATRAN
conheça os novos agrales 2012

Ford Cargo 2012 bq3

Volkswagen Constellation 24.280 ADVANTECH
Como suceder um campeão de vendas? A MAN Latin America, fabricante dos caminhões e ônibus Volkswagen, apresenta o caminhão VW Constellation 24.280 ADVANTECH, que atende as novas normas de emissão de poluentes do País, o Proconve P-7 (equivalente ao Euro 5). E com atributos à altura de seu antecessor: o VW Constellation 24.250, campeão brasileiro de vendas há quatro anos consecutivos. Os resultados obtidos pela Engenharia da MAN Latin America em milhares de quilômetros de testes mostram que o cliente sentirá a diferença, e para melhor. Confira matéria relacionada: http://www.mecanicaonline.com.br/plantao/truck.php?noti=235

Case "Clube Ford Caminhões" - Wunderman
www.wunderman.com.br Para lançar o portal do Clube Ford Caminhões aos funcionários de vendas, peças e serviços da montadora, a agência criou uma ação de relacionamento bem bacana. Assista.

2º Eixo Direcional - Ford Cargo 2628 8x4 HD
Montador: Rio Preto Trucks - http://www.riopretotrucks.com.br Vídeo de apresentação do 2º eixo direcional (4º eixo) em funcionamento no Ford Cargo 2628 mod 2012. PBT (peso do caminhão + carga) legal com 4 eixos = 29.000KG. Ou seja, 26% a mais do que um caminhão com 3 eixos

A Mercedes-Benz do Brasil comemora marco histórico ao produzir 10.250 caminhões em sua fábrica instalada em Juiz de Fora, durante o ano de 2012.

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